Top Apps for Samsung Smart TV

Everyone knows what Smartphones are and what they are capable of doing but Smart TVs take technology to another whole new level. Smart TVs are those types of TVs which work on the principle of a Smartphone or any Smart gadget and run on an operating system.  There are many companies that produce Smart TVs […]

10 Best Android Apps for Couples

In the world where there are apps available for all professionals, all genders, all age groups and all situations; it is no surprise that there are many apps that are especially designed and created for couples. Yes, there is no dearth of applications which are meant for two people who are either in love, are […]

Top 10+ Mobile Banking Apps for iPhone

Banking has totally changed from the way it used to be about a decade ago. These days, to check your account for balance, to send and receive funds and to manage your transactions, you do not need to visit your bank each time. Infact all of this can now be done through your mobile phone! […]

Top 10+ Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

Handling finance related issues, tracking payments, sending money; calculating savings are matters which fall into the category of ‘Personal Finance.  Personal finance management and tracking is something which most of us find time consuming, strenuous and well-a little boring. But with personal finance apps now present across many different platforms, these tasks have been made […]

10+ Best Marketing Apps for Android

Google Play store is one of the largest app stores in the world. This app store is not only very popular but is also widely used for downloading and purchasing of apps.  Not only do these apps help to make life simple but also prove helpful as far as organizing life in general is concerned. […]