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Top 10+ Photo Collage Apps for iPhone


Do you remember those days when the only best way to join one photo and another was by cutting the photos into sizeable pieces and then joining them on a big piece of paper? Those were moments back in the days, when God was still preparing iPhone app developers to show up their skills to the world. And do not be surprised because photo collage apps for iPhone are not just the wonderful works of creation but also for iOS…
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Periscope is Finally on Android App Store


We all know Periscope, the famous Twitter live-streaming service that was once accessible only to iOS users. Well, after two month on iOS platform, Twitter has made periscope available on Google Play for Android Smart Phone users. The app has come with unique features targeted to enhancing the experience of Android device users. The periscope’s notification feature will help Android users to gain instant access to broadcast immediately someone they are following and or following them broadcasts something new. Periscope…
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Top 10+ Tower Defense Game Apps for Android


Tower defense games are the most popular types of games on Android platform these days. While these games require a lot more thinking as well as action, they remain the single most popular games for entertainment, which no game fanatic, including me can miss on their Smart Phone. Because these games require a lot of thinking and quite some long hour action, they only belong to serious gamers, who want to learn something new in the process. The tower defense…
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9 Best Internet Browser Apps for iPhone


The internet has become a suitable source of just about anything for many. From getting access to information to being able to make money in the internet, it may leave you wondering what life would be like if there were internet browsers. The iPhone owners can now download and install multiple internet browser apps for iPhone in their Smart Phones and use them to access the internet at any time. With so many top browser apps available for iPhone Operating…
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Top 10+ Baseball Game Apps for Android


Baseball game dates back in history, perhaps at the time when humankind was beginning to embrace it as one of the best outdoor games. The game has been on since the 1920’s, and is still a popular option for most of the Americans. Back then, you needed to be physically present to participate in the game, but Google does not think so now. With so many baseball game apps for android available free for download, installation and play, it is…
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Top 10 Crossword Apps for iPhone


The iPhone gaming technology takes crossword gaming from normal, non-reusable piece of paper and brings it to your iPhone screen. Crossword fans who now won iPhone Smart Phones can enjoy their crossing moments without ever having to wait for the following day newspaper. With more challenging spins that will blow your mind away and make you think critically, the crossword apps for iPhone are exactly what you need if you are ready for some challenging, interesting as well as educative…
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Top 10+ Cooking Games for Android


The possibility of taking a real live event into a virtual platform has always been impossible for a long time. You cannot just say that someone can learn how to cook through their mobile phone when all they know about Smart Phones is messaging, making, and receiving calls. Technology has changed though, and Android now makes your gaming experience even spicier by introducing the most popular and top cooking games for Android. Whether you want to play just for fun,…
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FirstRun Fitness App for Android Launched By MobieFit


FirstRun is a new app for those who have never attempted to run before in their lives. MobieFit Company has launched this app with the hope that the app will make runners out of those who have not tried the activity before, making an amazing app for the health and fitness category. FirstRun app for Android is going to be your mobile personal trainer, preparing you for a marathon that you intend to take part in for the first time in…
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Top 10+ Compass Apps for iPhone


Life was quite frustrating when you had to stop every time at the nearby station to ask for directions to your destination. You definitely looked like a fool, or perhaps someone who lost their mind. It does not always have to be so, because you do not always have to consult someone for directions all the time. As an iPhone owner, you can always take advantage of compass apps for iPhone and use them to search for your directions instead…
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Google Has Made Changes to Its Chromecast on Android and iOS


If you are used to the old way of watching your favorite TV shows and entertainment, Google thinks there is a completely different way to do the same. Google is constantly working to improve its products to enhance user experience. The Search Engine Giant has made several updates to its Chromecast, unveiling unique features, which users can enjoy. The Chromecast app for iOS and Android is a powerful technology, which allows users to cast their favorite TV shows and entertainment…
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