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Top 10 Cat Games for Android


I know you have played the likes of Clash of Clans, God of War and Need for Speed 6 straight from your Android device. The new wave of app development focuses on even more entertaining game that brings the fun and the entertainment to your smart phone. Now android developers have gone from using human characters to making the games even more interesting by introducing animals to the scene. Today, we are not just talking about the availability of top…
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Top 10+ Bubble Games for Android


Bubbling. They look like games only meant for kids, but they make the best fun tool for adults too, especially if you want to have the best of the comic moment from gaming. Bubble games are rare in real life, and if you come across some once on a while, they will definitely not be as interesting as the ones developed for you to play on your smart phone. Bubble games for Android actually have hundreds of thousands of players,…
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Top 10 Ringtone Cutter Apps for Android

ringtone cutter apps

There is always going to be that special song that you want to listen to more and more. Again, you may have a section of a particular lyric of your favorite that inspires you the most and every time you listen to it, it feels like though you are doing that for the first time. Why not slice that part, edit it well, and use it as a ringtone? That sounds like a great idea, but how do you do…
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Top 10+ Pedometer Apps for iPhone


Here is the thing: there was once a time when your mobile phone could not do any good job for you, well, except for sending a text message and making a phone call. Today, the same Smart Phones can do wonders to your life, by simply giving you access to iPhone apps that technology has discovered you cannot really do without. And pedometer apps for iPhone are certainly one such apps that one cannot really do without in this age. Here…
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Top 10+ Pool Games for Android


Relaxing with friends at the nearby pub doing some pool games seem to be the perfect way to hang out on a hot Saturday afternoon and a chilly Sunday after church thing. Every moment you frenzy gaming in real life has completely been captured by Android app developers, which means you definitely have access to high quality Pool Games for Android that you can enjoy on your own right from the comfort of your home. Built by gamers for gaming…
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Top 10+ Battery Saver Apps for iPhone


Going off network unexpectedly is definitely a sad thing. How do you start to explain to a friend, a business partner or someone at the place of work that your Smart Phone ran out of power before they could reach you? It is quite difficult to keep up with many of such inconveniences, and if there is something you could do to save you iPhone from ever running out of battery unnecessarily you definitely would. Fortunately, there are battery saver…
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Top 10+ Windows 8 Apps for Toddlers


Kids tend to take pleasure in many things during their early childhood development. These series of adventures they are inclined to engage in, are not only meant for sheer fun, but ideally, a prerequisite step in preparing them for their long-term learning. In this technological era, different technologies have vastly been harnessed to plays a vital lead in preparing children for this educational trip. Talking about technology, windows phone currently intervene through this practice, by presenting toddlers with top Windows Apps…
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Top 10+ Lock Screen Apps for Windows Phone


With high quality, well thought-out lock screen apps for Windows Phone developed and already on Windows App Store, it is highly unlikely that the default lock screen is going to be your favorite. Say goodbye to the default and perhaps boring lock screen by using recently developed apps available free to download and use from the App Store. These apps have become common among hundreds of thousands of users, as they are high quality and features a User Interface Design…
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Top 10+ Fishing Games for Android


Clash of Clans, SimCity Buildit, Soul Seeker, Gods Rush. There is something common about these games. They are high quality strategy games that run on Android platforms and already have millions of daily players. Forget about those shooting games for now and let’s go fishing this time round. Top fishing games for android are those you probably don’t want to miss, not because fish is your favorite dish but because they are easy to play games. Obviously, every game always…
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Top 10+ Slot Game Apps for iPhone


Almost all people who have been to a casino say that there is definitely something hypnotic about watching the slot machine go round and round, while your heart beats each second a notch higher waiting and hoping that the same symbols fall in the same line. It is probably what keeps you glued to your favorite slot machine. The world is getting faster every day and it is getting more and more difficult to find time to check into your…
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