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Top10 Ringtone Maker Apps for Windows Phone


Music is the elixir of life. Without music in life, everything seems dull and mundane. It serves as the perfect gateway to divert our attention from all the things that worry us and cause us apprehension and be lost in a world immune to the touch of the real-world problems. Music transports us to a world of our own and liberates our mind from the monotony of life. Thus, having your favorite music as your ringtone on the Windows phone…
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Top 10+ VoIP Apps for iPhone


VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol is a web based technology which can transform any application connected to the Internet to a Telephone. They can be easily enmeshed in an organization’s prevalent telephone mechanism and subsequently be utilized to receive and make calls, similar to any other office extension. PCs, Smartphones and Tablets can all be made compatible to the VoIP system. Smartphones however have emerged as the most preferred option for the same. For ease of operation, the…
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Top 10+ Anticipated Game Apps for Android


With the Android lollipop 5.1 upgrade around the corner, rumors have set the gamer community abuzz with talks of extreme gaming apps being released on android platforms. Previously, released exclusively for dedicated gaming consoles and PCs, these high definition games will also make their entry in to the smartphone market this year, thanks to the rapidly developing technology. Some of the anticipated games for android are said to provide even better gaming experience with the handheld devices than with traditional…
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Top 10 File Manager Apps for Windows Phone


Organization is the essence of life. Having things exactly where we want them and when we want them is an art not many have mastered. Being systematic in one’s approach towards life helps in a lot of problems being averted and increases focus and concentration. However, to manage the umpteen number of things we embroil ourselves in and arranging them according to an established pattern is a cumbersome task. Thus, having a file manager system would help immensely to sort…
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Top 10+ Shooting Game Apps for iPhone


There is an unexplained joy in playing shooting games. The burst of energy, the release of tension, the optimal levels of awareness- all of these combine and provide for an exhilarating experience every time we play a shooting game. Now, with the experience simulated on iPhones, the life-like aura of these games will be amplified by several notches. Amazing visuals and brilliant effects will ensure that the gaming experience remains top notch and the user finishes each game pining for…
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Top 10+ Camera Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 sets the benchmark for camera technology in smartphones, and all you need now are the right apps to take your photography skills to the next level.  Hundreds of camera apps flood the Google Play store but only a selected few provide the actual picture-taking experience and synchronize perfectly with the capabilities of the phone. Most apps are simply no better than the default camera apps and only offer options to enhance the image after the shot is…
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Top 10+ Android Apps for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact


The powerful yet stylish new phone from Sony sure has all the right specs going for it. And when combined with the right android apps, it truly becomes the best smartphone in the market. Use the advanced apps to keep updated on the latest buzz in town based on preferences; utilize the powerful quad-core processor to play your favorite HD games uninterrupted; listen to music all day long and sort them automatically according to your mood; and unleash the complete…
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10+ Top Medical Apps for Windows Phone


A simple search on medical apps for Windows Phone on Google does return hundreds of results. Of course, this precisely means the existence of many apps with different functionalities but similar objectives. Knowing what is best and what is not will probably depend on what your needs are and what you plan to do with the app. Even then, there are apps that are just best for medical use while others are not hence not worth putting your attention to….
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7 Best Screenshot Apps For Windows Phone


Take a screenshot, create a message and embrace those special memories. Whether it is something that made you laugh, a message that needs further investigation or just a piece of content from a feed on a social platform, which made you think rather hard, capturing those sessions become an important once in a while task in life. Those interesting moments will never come too often, and if they do, it would definitely be different somehow. You cannot have the same…
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One Drive Cloud Storage Adds Chromecast Support to Its Android App


One Drive is a powerful Android App, which helps make your everyday life’s tasks easier. You never have to worry about loss of important files either due to unknown virus attack or machine breakdown. The virtual storage app for android is a perfect relief, giving you a storage solution where you can store all your personal as well as work files for future access through your Android Smart Phone, Personal Computer or any other devices you are using that supports…
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