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IMDb App for Android Gets a Material Design Update


IMDb app for android was created for movie lovers. The app helps users browse photos of celebrities, find bios of movie stars, watch high profile movie trailers and track the best television series of all time. I am not talking about local TV shows (scripts) with boring storylines, or a new TV series advert that just popped up from God knows where. I am talking about the million to trillion dollar movies and TV Apps series that you wouldn’t want to…
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Spotify Music Launches Video and Podcast Service for Android Devices

Spotify Music App

Android users have been waiting for Spotify’s video and podcast service for a long time now, and today, the big update went live in Google Play Store. The updated version of Spotify Music now features video content on the start screen, giving you a free access to a world full of music videos. We know that Spotify users have been able to access the podcast service from the app for a couple of months now. Generally, the Podcast App service…
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Microsoft Has a Launcher for Android Known Called Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher

It’s obvious that hundreds of thousands of smartphone users have been asking whether Microsoft has an app launcher. Yes, the company has a launcher targeting android smartphones, and the name of the app is called Arrow Launcher. You might not have used this just yet, probably because you are used to Go Launcher App or deeply engrossed on Nova Launcher, but Arrow Launcher is one of the most powerful alternatives for anyone looking forward to replace his or her current…
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Kickstarter Has Finally Released an App for Android


Kickstarter has always been a home to everyone who want to bring their projects to life. For a long time now, Kickstarter has helped its user base to browse and back projects, but this was only possible on the web. The company today released its first Android app, which will enable users to browse and back projects using their Android smart devices. Kickstarter for Android will enable you to explore thousands of creative projects, see what your friends are backing…
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Skype for Android Updated Again With New Features to Make You More Productive


From the time it was first launched, until now, Skype has always been one of the best Instant Messaging App for iOS, Android devices and desktop systems. Overtime, the company has updated the app cross-platform to enhance interaction and boost user experience. And they have done a new update again on Skype for Android Operating System This time it comes with unique features meant to make users more productive. Skype for Android now makes scheduling Skype calls with families and…
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Facebook for Android Updated to Support Anonymous Browsing

Facebook App Tor

Facebook is now working with Tor, a communication tool founded by the US government, to enable its Android users to browse the network anonymously. Facebook has a large user base, many to whom data security and online privacy is a number one factor often considered when browsing the social networking platform. In fact, this update comes in a time where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are debating about digital privacy According to Kate Krauss, the chief spokeswoman of the…
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Android App Users Can Now Access Mention, a Live Streaming App for Facebook

Facebook Featured Image

Mentions, a live streaming app for Facebook  was only available for iPhone Operating System users, which means that for a long time, Android app users were  left out of the loop. Luckily, though, Facebook built and released  the same app  for Android users, so all Android users can now enjoy video live streaming.  Don’t get too happy about this new release just yet, because, unlike other Facebook apps, Mentions can be used by only Facebook verified users. This means that…
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Wildcard App for Android Built for Curated News Discovery


You need to try Wildcard App for Android if you are looking for the best app for curated news discovery. The app delivers curated news and entertainment to those interested in reading something new every day. Wildcard depends on human editors to find the right story for you, making it the best app for curated news in Google Play Store – it’s a perfect replacement for Circa, an Android app for curated news that was shut down late last year….
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Join Me Apps was created for one purpose: to help you host or join a meeting from anywhere. According to Craig Daniel, the Vice President of Product at, the app was built to empower the way people meet, interact, share ideas and get stuff done. The Best Android App has been tweaked for easy and seamless interaction. The new update makes a unique app at its best. In fact, the purpose of the new update was to enable the app…
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Download an Updated Version of Slide for Reddit Android App

Reddit App

Slide for Reddit is a fast and secure open source browser. It features full material design specs, wiki support, shadow box mode and customizable grid User Interface. The Android App is not only free to download in Google Play Store, but also it is open sourced on Github. Slide for Reddit doesn’t have any ads. It is lightweight, and it comes with a UX that works perfect. The new changes made on Slide for Reddit makes the app even more…
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