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Google AdWords App for Android Allows You to Include Video Campaigns

AdWords App

Those who use AdWords will tell you it is one of the very best business tools developed by Google. For Android Smartphone users, the launch of AdWord app meant two things: the ability to see ad performance on the go without switching to a Personal Computer and the ease to keep ad campaigns running no matter where the business is. Google is always at work; the developer team is often working hard to give users the best experience, and they…
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Skype for Android Now Enables You to Manage Your Content Seamlessly


Skype is often working hard to give every user a seamless and friendly experience with its communication app. And they have done it again this time. They have made a few changes to the messaging app, making personal content management easier than before. So, if you haven’t heard or read of the new update lately, this is your chance to enjoy Skype’s new messaging feature. You can now save video messages with Skype for Android. The next time you receive…
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10 Best Zombie Games for Android

Zombie Games

We are all hooked on Zombie games. Like drama, action movies and TV series, free and paid zombie computer and smartphone games have become part of us. We all love them, and the craze has no end in sight.  Zombie games have infected our minds, of course, in a good way.  Every Zombie game has all the greatness you can imagine. The best Zombie Games for Android will give you the best gaming experience, and you will never be disappointed…
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Google+ App Brings Its New User Interface on Google Play Store

Google+ App

Social networking is all about giving active users amazing user experience. App developers work day and night to create interactive applications hoping that they will glue users to their screens. And Google has done it again this time. The Search Engine giant has updated its social networking app, Google+, more than Android Play Store itself. Users are now anticipating a new User Interface, which should start rolling out today. Although a new APK of version 6.8 of Google Plus app…
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StageLight Music Editing App Now on Google’s Android Play Store

Stagelight App

Open Labs has launched a powerful music editing app called StageLight for Android smartphones. The app was initially launched as Window audio editing app, and it has been a perfect alternative to GarageBand, an audio editing app for Mac users. The version 1.0 of StageLight for Android comes with a friendly user interface, and it offers high quality and original sound libraries from popular artist in the music industry. The friendly Graphical User Interface makes StageLight easy to use. Anyone,…
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Leaping Tiger, a Matchmaking App for Gamers Now on Android

Leaping Tiger App

Leaping Tiger, a friend-finding platform for gamers, was only available to Personal Computers and iOS smartphone users. From today, however, gamers who have Android Smartphones can now enjoy Leaping Tiger without ever having to touch their PC again. According to Amy Potter, the co-founder of Leaping Tiger, the new app for Android will capture the true evolution of online social experience for gamers. And with streamline set of tools integrated in the new app for Android devices, the Leaping Tiger…
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Top 10 Sleep Apps for Android

Sllep Apps

Insomnia is horrible, I mean very horrible. I have been there, and I know how disturbing it can be when you lack sleep whereas you were hoping for some before going to bed. There is nothing as scary as being pinned down by insomnia, a state of sleeplessness that can amplify even our little worries making it even more difficult to get some sleep. There are commonly two forms of insomnia: normal states and chronic insomnia. Folks experiencing chronic insomnia…
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Mozilla Firefox officially launches an iOS App

Firefox Web Browser

After working hard for a couple of months, Mozilla Firefox now brings its browser app to iOS App Store. The browser is available for free download from iTunes. Firefox is open to iOS users worldwide. The app works across multiple Apple devices; it delivers an unbeatable user experience for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Now you can take the version 1.1 of the app with you wherever you go. If you love Mozilla browser and have often wished it…
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Facebook Launches Notify for iOS Smart Devices

Notify by Facebook

Facebook has launched a new iOS app called Notify. The standalone app will allow users to keep track of what is going on around the world; you can now receive news and top stories of your interest from up to seventy websites on your lock screen. Notify is unique in the sense that it will only send notifications that matter based on user’s preference. Because a quick glance of notifications on your lock screen keeps you connected only to the…
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Top 10 Minecraft Apps for iPhone

Minecraft Apps

Minecraft, named the top-selling app of the year, has become popular among children globally.  The best Minecraft Apps grip youngsters for hours, creating an atmosphere of endless fun for every child. Known as creative games, these are perhaps the only best apps you can load in your phone to keep your child busy. And, there are two advantages why you should engage a child to Minecraft games:  boosting their thinking capacity, and enabling them to enhance their mental creativity. The…
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