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TransferWise Finally Revamps Its Android App


TransferWise is a money service, which allows users to send money outside their country within the fraction of a second through their mobile phones. The service has recently made some updates on the Android TransferWise app to make it easier to use thus enhancing user experience. The app uses a peer-to-peer technology, allowing users to send money oversees conveniently at real mid-market rates. TransferWise  is a money saving tool that you should take advantage of, as it eliminates the need…
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Top 10+ Free Calls Apps for Android


Wondering what to do to make free calls? Well, not anymore. Advanced android technology has brought a complete revolution in communication systems. The times when we have to worry about recharge cards are almost over. You can now make a call to your significant others, colleagues at the office, friends at school, and even internationally without ever having to worry about your call credit balance. Developers have created free call apps for Android, not to save you during a bad…
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MixRadio Now Available on Android and iOS


MixRadio, a music streaming service sold to Messaging App Line by Microsoft is finally on iOS and on Android platforms. If you have the passion to discover fresh lyrics and tunes on a daily basis, want to learn a new song or simply want to enjoy listening to music at any time, MixRadio for iOS and Android is the app to go by. You can search less and listen more with MixRadio for Android and iOS. MixRadio was not even…
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Top 10+ Windows Phone Apps for Teachers


We have seen teachers walk into classrooms only with pens, syllabus books and chalks for years. The 21st Century technology has however brought quite some significant changes, bringing high-class technology into the classroom eventually making teaching as well as learning a convenient and an easy process. The applications of Windows apps for teachers at various levels of education has had a great impact in the learning process  in all schools where the values of this new learning process is understood…
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IIIN Android App for Tracking Recent News

IIIN Trending-News-app

IIIN is perhaps the best Android Trending News app, which is a must have in your Smart Phone.  Unlike most apps that try to hit just about any notes on news, the IIIN Trending News for Android aims at showing you only trending and popular news on different social networks immediately such news occur. The app organizes ever news collected by popularity.  IIN Trending News covers a handful of interesting news and posts form different organizations and blogs, and this…
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Top 10+ iPhone and Android Meditation Apps


I remember those times I had to go under a tree, sit in the shade with my legs in the style of a Kung Fu fighter, close my eyes and then start meditating. It was quite a lovable experience. And until the top iPhone and Android Meditation apps came, the traditional method remained the only way. Today, Google Play Store and iTunes has the most popular and effective apps for mediation, the tops ones that you should install in your…
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Meet Is on Sunrise Calendar App for iOS


Sunrise Calendar is quite a popular Smart Phone app on iPhone Operating System Platform. The app has been through several updates since first release, with the major update showing this week. The service has brought a new keyboard to the platform for the first time in its history. The keyboard is a third-party one, and the developers have given it the make Sunrise Meet. Meet will actually make the app look and work even better, the goal being to enhance…
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Top 10+ Chess Game Apps for Android

Chess Game Apps for Android

I hope you remember those days when you played chess with a friend on a table, either at the office or at home on a weekend. Now you can play chess anytime any day. You do not have to wait for the weekend to arrive to prepare the table for the game. And the reason why I am saying this is quite simple; your smartphone is going to be your newest gaming device for your chess games, thanks to Android…
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10+ Top Voice Changer Apps for Android


There was a time I thought that the voice-changing feature that comes with some mobile phones was disgusting and evil. But if you do a personal research yourself, you will realize that even the top voice changer apps for Android have their significance. I do not know how you would use the apps, but I personally love using these ones in several ways. Here are a few, perhaps very funny or useless ideas, but they could be quite good reasons…
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Bit Torrent Finally Brings Bleep App to iOS


Bit Torrent has launched Bleep for iOS. Bleep is a secure messaging service, which will enable users to make free calls from one person to another. Further development on Bleep for iOS will make it possible for users to store keys for encrypted messages on their devices. The app has a whisper function, which makes messages disappear immediately the sender sends the message to the recipient. Essentially, the function makes any content sent from the sender to disappear 25 seconds…
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