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Flip Runner! Game Review

Flip Runner!

Here is another new endless runner game for you! Deadly Serious Media in collaboration with the Oscar Developer has released Flip Runner, a fast-paced runner game on the iOS and Android platforms few days back. This game consists of a part side-scroller and a part endless runner platformers. Unlike most similar games, Flip, the game’s protagonist can run on the top and the bottom of the ground to avoid the dangers ahead. It’s a simple twist that adds fun to…
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Madagascar Math Ops Game Review

Madagascar Math Ops

Madagascar Math Ops is a latest entertaining math game created by Knowledge Adventure. If your kids like cartoons, but intensely dislike math, this game can make them excited about learning. This game features plenty of familiar characters from the movies of Madagascar series, including Private, Gloria, Rico, and Marty. A bunch of animals will get kidnapped from the zoo and the penguins should save their kidnapped friends. In order to save their friends, penguins have created a funny device, Equationator…
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Tetris Blitz Game Review

Tetris Blitz

Are you a fan of the old classic game, Tetris? Then you should try out this new game, Tetris Blitz! It’s a new twist to the class game. This new game takes you through a new world of Tetris with so many new features and interesting puzzles! Unlike the native Tetris game, this game is only limited to 2-minute sessions. In every 2-minute session, you are required to clear as many rows as possible. But the main twist here is…
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Punch Quest Game Review

Punch Quest game

RocketCat Games together with Madgarden has developed the game, Punch Quest. This is an endless runner game, which includes intense combat system and focus on destroying as many evil monsters as possible unlike other runner games. This feature makes the game more of an endless puncher rather than an endless runner game. In this game, you take the control the main character who has to run endlessly through the levels punching everything from skeletons to chilli-induced hallucinations along his way…
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Google Translate for Android Receives an Update with Phrasebook Syncing

Google Translate android app

Google translate, a wonderful translator on the Android platform has received an update with pretty new features. The new update improves the user experience for people who want to turn their device for a language help. The updated version brings a new phrasebook feature, which lets the users to save their most frequently used and useful phrases for their future reference. This feature replaces the app’s ‘favorite’ feature in its main menu. This feature also supports synchronization, which is automatically…
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Undead Zombies Game Review

Undead Zombies review

The most popular iOS game is now available on Android! Bulkypix releases its iOS app, Undead Soccer, an action-packed game onto the Android platform. It is a zombie killing game, which also involves a little-bit sports game touch. Hitting a soccer ball at zombies is more exciting! In this game, players need to hit soccer balls at the approaching zombies to survive. Not only this, the game also involves shooting elements. The army of crazy looking zombie types will keep…
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Cut the Rope: Time Travel Game Review

Cut the Rope game

Cut the Rope is the most popular game developed by ZeptoLab. To provide you more entertainment in this summer, ZeptoLab has released a sequel to this game called Cut the Rope: Time Travel. If you like the native game, you will love this game! In this new version, our protagonist, Om Nom takes you to his ancestral period in order to feed them with delicious candy. It is a completely new adventure filled with new challenging physics-based puzzle levels and…
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WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse Game Review

WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse game

WWE inc. has introduced a new exciting 3D fighting game called WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse for iOS and Android platforms. This is not a wrestling game, it is a complete action strategy game. The game takes place on the set of a Hollywood studio where the hero, The Rock is shooting for his new film. All of a sudden, without any sign, people around him are infected with an infection and start changing into violent destructive personalities. Now the hero should…
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Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe App Review

Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe is a classic poker game developed by IGG.Com. It gives you a real poker experience. Compete against other players on your device. This is a Las Vegas style poker game, which you can play anytime, anywhere! To play this game, you just need to register through your Facebook account or other email account. Once you register, you are free to join any poker table! This game consists of 5 player tables and 9 player tables. You…
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Super Sudoku App Review

The wonderful paper game, Sudoku is back with some special and attractive features! The newly modified Super Sudoku game will keep you entertained anytime, anywhere. Install this game app on your device and experience a different world of Sudoku! If you are not familiar with this game before, here is the game description for you: Sudoku consists of 9 by 9 game board which is divided into nine 3 by 3 blocks. Each block consists of 9 cells. You should…
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