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Top 10+ Ebook Reader Apps for Android

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Man has created history, right from the time of Adam to this very day. Thousands of authors have written billions of books, millions of teachers have created trillions of learning resources and the internet has unlimited content you can access at any time of the day. Electronic Books have become common content for school, business, social lifestyle as well as politics.  The Android platform takes the technology from a web based system and brings it to your Android Mobile Phone.That…
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Best Android Apps for Book Lovers


I have been a reader for a long time. I love it when I can read any time of the day as long as am free and have the time for it. At the time when Android OS and Smart Phones were dreams, people had to carry books written by their favorite authors in purses and computer bags to work, until Google gave birth to Android and technology led to the rise of Smart Phones. Android has brought it with…
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Top 25 Reference Apps for Android

There is an everyday need for reference regarding various subjects in our day-to-day lives. It is important to have the right resources at the right time or the time is just lost.It is also important to have reference sources handy. You cannot always run to a library to find your source of information. The smartphones of today bring all the information to you right into your hands.You can carry around all your reference apps in your pockets and refer whenever…
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Top Alternative Apps for Kindle Reader on Android

Many of us like to read books, variety of books. Some of them prefer to read them by purchasing in book shops, as nothing can be compared to the feel and specially the smell of a new book. But some of them like to read them on laptops or e-book readers or on smartphones. As the convenience and options provides by our smart devices are more compared to a hard copy. Kindle has created a revolution by releasing Kindle e-book…
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Top 20 Free Books for Android 2015

Great Expectations

Read the bestseller books on your Android devices! Google Play Store includes several paid and free books for the users. Many interesting and top rated books are available for absolutely free! Given is a list of top rated books for Android. Check out the list. Treasure Island In this book, the author has beautifully narrated the world of adventure. After the death of an old sailor in the Jim’s parents’ seaside inn, Jim discovers that the sailor had left behind…
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