Android Business Apps

Square launches Register-a free POS app for iOS and Android

Square Register featured

Square has come out with the launch of a new app for Android and iOS device users and this app is called Register.  This is a platform which allows businesses to track and monitor their inventories, sales and other such data from their tabs and Smartphones. Register from Square is a mobile app which can be used at the point of sales.  This is a method or platform which allows sellers to drill into their businesses with much more modern…
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BBM Meetings app for cross platform conference calls now out

BBM Meetings

Blackberry has introduced a new app and this latest app is called BBM Meetings app.  This is a cross platform conference calls which allows video conferencing of Upto 25 people at the same time. The app is available on Android and Blackberry platforms for download whereas an iOS version is also on its way. BBM Meetings app is currently offering the users a free trial of 30 days and has announced that it will charge $13.75 per person per month…
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15+ Best Personal Accounting Apps for Android

Home Budget Manager Lite

Keeping a tab on your finances, accounts and transactions is highly important for every person. Personal accounting can either be done using paper based methods or through a newer and more convenient method of using personal accounting apps. Personal accounting apps for Android are those types of personal finance or accounting apps that are available to Android device owners. These apps can be found on the Google Play Store and are designed to help you manage, track, organize and plan…
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Top Android Apps for Contractors

AutoCAD 360

Contractors are the individuals who have to look after numerous construction work aspects and functions. The contractors can make the tasks a little lighter and various tools handy/ accessible by the use of any of the multiple Android applications that are available today. Many of them are extremely simple to use and make the job equally simpler. List of the top Android apps for contractors is given below: Daily Construction Records Keeping on with all the paper work and keeping…
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Top Android Apps for Architect


In the modern day, everything has become dependent on the usage of technology and gadgets. Life of many professionals these days would be incomplete without necessary gadgets like Smartphones, laptops and tablets. The main reason for this is the numerous softwares and applications which these devices can offer. Android device owners are particularly lucky as the Google Play store has many apps which can suit the needs of every person. There are many apps on the Google Play store which…
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Top Android Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate and Homes by Trulia

With the rise of the usage of mobile applications, app developers have left no stone unturned to ensure that there is an app for every person. Various app markets like Apple app store, Windows Marketplace and Google Play store etc together consist of over a million apps. These apps are categorized as per their purpose and use. Some apps are for musicians, while some are for teachers; some satisfy the needs of students while some are meant to provide entertainment…
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Top Android Apps for Insurance Agents

Acord One

The world of Android is full of wonderful apps that can either be downloaded for free or bought by paying a minimal fee. These apps can be installed through Google Play Store which is the one stop destination for the most amazing, useful and productive applications. It won’t be wrong to state that people from all fields can benefit from the apps present on this store. There are productivity apps, music apps, gaming apps, photo and video apps and many…
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Top Android Apps for Business Management

OfficeSuite Pro 7

The days when business management depended upon human labor and paper-based work are long gone. This is the time when everything is handled by a computer system, a tablet or even a Smartphone. It is true that modern technology has made life much simpler for business managers and executives. Thanks to the numerous software programs, mobile applications and tablet apps, we can now conduct businesses with much more convenience and speed. Infact, people don’t even need offices to wait for…
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Top Android Apps for IT Manager

Linux Monitor

Google Play Store is a very large and popular app store which is slowly growing each day with new apps being added regularly. This store has some of the most entertaining and useful apps and is loved by Android smartphone as well as tab owners. As times are changing, more and more people are using apps to perform their daily tasks and duties.  Infact there are apps which can help professionals like IT managers in their work too. These apps…
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Top Android Apps for Sales Manager

Zing Checkout POS

Google Play Store is a huge app store which is growing with every passing day. This app store has some of the most wonderful and useful apps across all platforms and is surely a hit store for most people with Android devices. With the growth in mobile app usage and technology, there is an app for every person and every situation. Similarly, there are many useful apps on Android which can be handy for persons working as sales managers. Since…
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