Android Business Apps

Top Android Apps for Project Manager

Android app store is a very dense and rich app store which consists of thousands of apps which have been divided into several categories like games, business, entertainment, music, health, medical etc. In this ever growing app store, there is an app for everyone and to suit every person’s needs. In a similar fashion, even project managers can benefit by downloading certain Android apps which have been designed especially for them. But since there are many apps focused on project…
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Top Android Apps for Construction Management

Construction industry sees a variety of works or projects being undertaken all over the world by various individuals/ entities. Given the rising trend in the use of apps to make life easier, it should not come as a surprise that there are plenty of apps which have been launched with the sole motive of serving those in the construction industry. There are large numbers of applications build specifically for the android devices in the market, which can help the construction…
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Top Android Apps for Computer Technicians

  Mobile apps have definitely made the world a simpler and more entertaining place to live in. There’s an app to solve our every need-there’s an app to unlock the car, an app to interior decorate the house, an app to buy groceries and apps to repair computers! Well computer technicians are some people who are truly benefiting from the boom in the app business and this is because some apps have made things much easier for these individuals. Android…
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Top Business Apps for Android

bussiness apps feautured

Today, people are performing a lot of their business tasks on their smart phones, through the android apps. Tasks like invoicing, expense tracking and interacting on social media is done on the go. People are now relying on these top business apps for Android for their everyday business tasks. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos:   Download App   This business app for android helps you hide your secret photos, videos and SMS in a secret box. It lets you create…
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