Android Communication Apps

Top 10+ SMS Text Messaging Apps for Android

Text messaging is actually taking over the popular calling habits. With call rates unstable, hiking and falling from time to time, subscribers have almost no choice at times other than to resort to text messaging. In fact, text messaging was once at a cost, until recently when technologist made it possible for Android users to send messages to friends, family member and colleagues free. You can get SMS text messaging Apps for Android free. One installed on your Smart Phone,…
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Best Wifi Hotspot Apps for Android

Wi-Fi Hotspot is a kind of a connection platform which helps establishing a Wi-Fi network through your device in the nearby area. There are many devices which work as Wi-Fi Hotpots but rather than buying such expensive products for using internet connection, it is advisable to download Wi-Fi Hotspot apps on your mobile device.  Wi-Fi Hotspot apps are easily accessible and open to download on most of the app stores including iOS app store, Windows app store and Android app…
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Nimbuzz unveils Holaa! Caller ID app for Android


Nimbuzz has come out with a new app which is called Holaa.  This is a ‘made in India’ caller ID app which aims to garner 10 million users. The app has been released on the Android app store as of now and is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, French and Persian languages.   Nimbuzz Holaa! allows its users to see the various details of the caller such as the name, photo, location etc. during an incoming call.  This app…
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Top 10+ Instant Messaging apps for Android


Instant messaging apps are those kinds of apps which make it possible for us to message someone and receive messages back instantly. With the rise in internet technology on mobile phones, many instant messaging platforms have come up on the Android app store. The following are the top instant messaging apps for Android: Facebook Messenger Facebook messenger is the official messenger app for Facebook users and lets them connect with each other in real time using their mobile devices. This…
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Top 12 Chat Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Top Chat Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Nowadays, the standard SMS text message is becoming outdated, specifically in rays of the explosion of acclaimed, simple messaging apps. There are a bevy of chatting apps in Play Store, all of which offer text messaging and the option for voice, video and file-sharing to buddies. Here is a list of top instant messaging apps for your Samsung Galaxy S4 that can provide you a better way to always stay connected with your loved ones. Check out the list! WhatsApp…
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Top 15+ Call Recorder Apps For Android

Call recording is very popular nowadays. Hence, a number of call recorder apps have been introduced in the market. You may use these to store the conversation you want to hear again in the future. Police or private detectives make use of these apps for investigations. Here is a list of Top 15+ Call Recorder Apps for Android. Automatic Call Recorder Record any phone call you want and choose only those calls you want to save. You can also set…
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Top 10 Web Browser Apps for Android

It sounds interesting to browse web on Android mobile than doing it on PC. An effective browser is required to browse with ease and fast. Best browser is nothing but a browser with stunning interface that allows you to access web pages instantly. These web browser apps are recommended for all the Android users. Opera Web Browser Opera Browser, this is a must have application for all the Android mobiles and tablets. Browse your web pages, organize your personal news…
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