Android Education Apps

Top 15 Android Apps for Medical Students


Android apps have gone social, Educational and professional. Today, medical students can download Top Android Apps for Medical Students and use them to do their research and study further in their respective units. The popularity of these apps keeps increasing on a daily basis. Research shows that more than 40% of medical students who own Android Devices have access to medical apps. The top apps are best for their cost effectiveness, comprehensive coverage, ease of use, convenience, utility and variety….
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15+ Best Android Apps for Academics

Profesor 2014

The era of modern technology and contemporary innovations is on upon us all.  We live in a world where a single app can help us unlock our car lock and a single app can help us learn a new language. We are all experiencing a world where most day to day activities are run just using mobile phones and tablets. In such a scenario, it is no surprise that there are multiple apps available for people belonging to all walks…
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Top 10+ To-do List Apps for Android

Smartphone and tablets have changed the way the world lives, works, perform tasks and even communicates. Smartphone technology has in many ways made life simpler, much easier and definitely made tasks quicker to perform. But all of this is not just the result of the basic features on these devices such as making calls and sending texts. A lot of things that we do using Smartphones these days are through the apps that can be downloaded on them and same…
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Top 15+ Notepad Apps for Android


Android has a variety of useful Notepad apps for the users to make notes on their Smartphone or tablets and carry them along.  This helps them to open and view their important notes whenever needed. Each app has interesting features and is different from another. Below given are the names of Top 15+ Notepad apps for Android along with their features. Evernote With this app you can note and save any task or idea that comes to your mind immediately…
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Top 20 Drawing Apps for Android

Glow Draw + Paint

Now you can draw, paint and create your image on the go with Drawing Apps designed for Androids. The apps offer dedicated set of sketching tools, which are made for accuracy and precision of drawings. You can draw a picture on your android phone while travelling. Here is a list of Top 20 Drawing Apps for Android along with their download links. Draw Something Free Take home the best drawing experience available in market for your android phone. You can…
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Top 50 Educational Apps for Android

Kids ABC Letters Lite

Android app store consists of huge number of educational apps. These are those apps which help to provide or impart education to the users and can be used for learning, educating, training etc. The following are the top 50 educational apps for Android users that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Learn Piano Piano learning has never been so easy. This app lets you learn how to play the piano with ease. Download App TED This is one…
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Top Android Apps for Law Students

dLaw- State & Federal Laws

Toady majority of individuals in various walks of life depend upon the internet and also increasingly on the mobile internet to make life simpler. The same goes for the law students who have to go through so many hardships; they all need easy access modes and methods to make their tasks simpler as well. There are large numbers of apps on Android store which help the law students in various tasks and the list of the top Android apps is…
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Top Android Apps for Graduate Students

Math Helper Lite

Graduate students are in for a treat, for they have at their disposal multiple options when it comes to android applications. They can transform their devices into anything from calculators to time table managers, dictionaries and more. Let’s take a look at the top android apps for graduate students. Algebra Geometry Formulas This app is ideal for the students above the level of 12 the grade i.e. college grads, engineering grads etc. The app is a compiled representation of all…
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Top Android Apps for Writers


There are many applications in the android app market which will work perfectly well for all the writers out there. No matter the kind of writing an individual is involved in there is an app for everyone. Most of the apps are to facilitate the writing experience while on the go. Take a look at top Android apps for writers. Note Pad This is a very simple kind of an application which serves the purpose of writing down whatever is…
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Top Android Apps for University Students

Google Play Books

Google Play Store is the app store for the Android operating system and is surely one of the largest app store platforms in the world. This store consists of thousands of apps which are not only useful but also very productive in nature. There are apps for every person and every purpose on this large app store. Infact there are many apps which university students can use and benefit from. These apps not only reduce the workload of these students…
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