Android Education Apps

Top Android Apps for Geologists


The way the world functions and performs its day to day activities has been strongly influenced by the way the technology is changing and developing. One of the sources of technology which is most easily available to common people are mobile apps.Infact most of us use mobile and tab apps to get a lot of things done. We use them for shopping, making music, clicking and editing photos and videos, for social networking, for video calling, for finding ways, in…
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Top Android Apps for Software Engineers

Engineering unit converter

Android is a popular operating system platform which has its own store from where apps can be purchased and downloaded. This store is called Google Play store and it consists of thousands of useful apps. These apps are divided into several categories such as gaming apps, productivity apps, utility apps, entertainment apps, and photo and video apps, music apps etc. Basically, there various apps for every person on this app store. Even software engineers can benefit from some of the…
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Top 10 Android Apps for Students

Google Play Books

The life of a student can be tough, busy and very demanding. There are so many things a student has to keep in mind and manage each day of the year for his/her entire student life. From time-tables to schedules, to keeping in touch with friends, to completing assignments on time etc-there’s a lot to take care of. Therefore, for these purposes and many more, the Android app store has several apps which are very useful for students. These apps…
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Top 10 Android Apps for School Students

Google Play Books

The life of a school student is that of excess workload, tight schedules and everyday deadlines. In these circumstances, school students really need a time management system which organizes everything for them and makes their life simpler and less busy. For this purpose, there are many apps available across several platforms which can greatly help school students. Infact, on the Android app store, there is absolutely no limit to the number of apps that school students can download. These apps…
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Top 9 Android Apps for High School Teachers

Explain everything

We live in a world where every second task is performed either through a computer software of a mobile application. In this day and age of technological developments and constant advancements in the field of mobiles and tablets, it is impossible to ignore the benefits that mobile and tab applications bring to us. These apps are used by us in our everyday life and make tasks and functions easy and convenient. Android app store consists of apps that suit the…
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Top 8 Android Apps for Math Teachers

Math Helper Lite

The scope and range of the mobile and tablet apps isn’t just limited to kids, teenagers and gadget enthusiasts, but has spread among people of all age groups and backgrounds. Android app store or Google Play store is full of apps which serve various kinds of professionals. Infact even professionals like math teachers can also find numerous apps which help them in teaching and imparting education. Since there are many such apps on Google Play store, it is difficult to…
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Top 10+ Astronomy Apps for Android

Vortex Planetarium

Love Astronomy? Did you wonder how to explore space on your Android mobile? If no then start wondering now! With the advancement in technology, you can know everything about mysterious space just from your Android Smartphone. There are tons of Android astronomy apps for stargazers using which you can get the real experience of Astronomer. Check out these best Android astronomy apps which help in exploring the space from your Smartphone. Start Chart Start Chart, it is the selling application…
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Top Android Apps for Art Teachers

Teacher Aide Pro

With the changing technology, it is natural for us to change the way we live, function and perform tasks. The growth in the mobile applications and their usage has brought a major contrast in the way tasks were performed earlier and the way they are being performed now. Technology has surely made life easier and simpler for everyone. Infact even art teachers can benefit a lot from these advancements. For example, art teachers can make use of the innovative mobile…
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Top Android Apps for Scientists

Science-macrocosm 3D

The advancements in science and technology have reached such a level that it is difficult to imagine a life without the use of gadgets like Smartphones, tablets, computers etc. People from all the different fields and backgrounds have got addicted to using mobile applications which make life and work easier for them on an everyday basis. Among other, even Scientists rely on mobile and tab applications to help them in their professional life. Google Play store, which is Android’s own…
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Top Android Apps for English Teachers

Teacher’s Guide

The growth in technology has given people news ways to work, new ways to study, new ways to communicate and new ways to impart education. Mobile technology and mobile applications have made life a lot easier and more convenient for teachers. These apps lend a better manner of teaching lessons to all educators around the world and have transformed the profession by a large degree. English teachers can find several applications on various platforms like Android, iOS and Windows useful…
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