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Top 10 Virtual Pet Apps for Android

Virtual Pet Apps

When Google first introduced Android Operating System, the human circle living and working outside the four walls of Google had no idea that Google, like Apple, was taking part in an activity that was going to change the world in a way. From the development of the Operating System itself to the rise of hundreds of thousands of developers creating powerful apps for the platform, Android has become quite popular world over. Even the most unimaginable apps like the virtual…
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Top 10+ Android Apps for Toddlers


Children and gadgets are inseparable. In fact, modern day children are even aware of the most useful gadgets from those that may not be of help to them. Do not cane a toddler simply because you found them using your mobile device. It is just way to show you that their minds may start developing early before they are at the age of ten.  The Best Android Apps for toddlers play the best role in enriching the lives of kids…
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Top 15+ Meme Generator Apps for Android

There many meme generator apps out there build for Android Smart Phones. Do not be fooled into believing that all of them are useful. In fact, many of them are bad. But we all need the best so that we never miss the hilarious moments that such apps bring. Installing only Top Meme Generator Apps for Android is therefore the best idea. The Top Apps in this category have great templates, user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces, and easy to manage. Most…
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Top 25+ Chromecast Apps for Android

The Chromecast has made TV better and smarter than before. But with hundreds of top Chromecast Apps for Android, it can be almost a challenging task to find only the best one. We have been able to separate the wheat from the chaff though, and we provide you with a list of only the Best Apps whose productivity is a guarantee. With these apps, you can stream your video, Music and photo content t other devices, not just your TV….
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Best video & Audio player Apps for Android

VLC for Android

Everybody likes to enjoy good music and good videos. Unlike earlier times, when one had to buy CDs or DVDs to enjoy these forms of entertainment, these days audios and videos can be enjoyed through audio and video player apps on your preferred platform. All platforms including Android, iOS and others consist of their dedicated app stores from where these apps can be downloaded or bought. These apps make it possible for you to play your own music or play…
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Top TV Show Apps for Android

Don’t have time to stay at your home to watch all your favorite TV shows? There are a huge number of apps in the App World to watch TV shows on the go. But not all of them offer a great experience, or have top-notch content. Finding the first-class TV show apps can be boring than watching the shows. So we have compiled a list of the best TV show apps for Android that will allow you watch streaming content…
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Top 20+ Radio Apps for Android

With so many radio and FM apps available on a variety of platforms such as iOS,  Android and Windows etc., who needs to carry a radio set with them. Android app store has thousands of radio apps which give you access to many FM radio stations from around the world. The following are the top 20+ radio apps for Android: TuneIn Radio This radio app lets you have access to thousands of Radio stations from all the continents and lets…
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Top 20 Drawing Apps for Android

Now you can draw, paint and create your image on the go with Drawing Apps designed for Androids. The apps offer dedicated set of sketching tools, which are made for accuracy and precision of drawings. You can draw a picture on your android phone while travelling. Here is a list of Top 20 Drawing Apps for Android along with their download links. Draw Something Free Take home the best drawing experience available in market for your android phone. You can…
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Top Android Apps for Directors

In today’s time when technology exists in every segment of life and has added quality to the lives of many, Android devices and their applications have become a necessity for many. There are applications to cater to any and every sort of a job that exists in all industries.  This applies even to the directors in the film industry or any other medium of entertainment. There are many apps which have built to provide handy and convenient functions for them….
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