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Top 10+ Simulation Games for Android


For many people it may never be possible to play in FIFA world cup, or experience that hard hitting UFC fight, or fly that World War II fighter. There is nothing to lose heart, as now you can get a real life feel from simulation games for your android phones. Simulation games are very famous across the globe. They enable people to run it in the way they want to and take control of the situation. Most of the people…
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Top 10+ Bike Racing Games for Android


There is something in speed that makes gamers excited. Throttling your way to a three digit speed can be fun and an experience hard to compare with any other. We don’t have to put our life at risk (even though speeders never think of it) to experience the rush of blood, as bike racing games for android have it all for us. Here you get the best collection of bike racing android games from the Google Play Store. Keep gaming…
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Top 10+ Tennis Games for Android


Let’s smash some balls! Tennis is considered to be an exhaustive game. Just like any other sport, it is an adrenaline pumping game. You can now bring the action and adventure of tennis right in your smart phone. You can serve like a pro, hit back hand and square hand shots like your favorite tennis player by using tennis games for android. You can use your android phone to enjoy tennis in your handheld device anytime. The magic of these…
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Top 10 Time Killing Games for Android


Mobile Gaming has increased its influence in the Android market by leaps and bounds ever since its inception. Users now have access to games which have the characteristic features of a console on Android. Needless to say, playing these games requires a lot of effort and time to be invested. The fact that they have been tagged as ‘time-killers’ is because they help you while away time when you do not have anything much to do. But you’d rather be…
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Top 10+ HD Games for Android

The onset of gaming in cellular devices has revolutionalized the technology industry across the globe. Success in the technology sector largely depends upon how a product or a service is able to capture the mind of the audiences it seeks to cater. The introduction of HD gaming in Android devices has managed to effectively utilize that idea and turn it into a game changer for the Android brand of devices. With stunning visuals and exemplary resolution, they provide the users…
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Top 10+ Anticipated Game Apps for Android


With the Android lollipop 5.1 upgrade around the corner, rumors have set the gamer community abuzz with talks of extreme gaming apps being released on android platforms. Previously, released exclusively for dedicated gaming consoles and PCs, these high definition games will also make their entry in to the smartphone market this year, thanks to the rapidly developing technology. Some of the anticipated games for android are said to provide even better gaming experience with the handheld devices than with traditional…
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Top 10 War Game Apps For Android

Not everyone might fancy war, but we’re sure that everybody loves war games! So, if you do, check out these strategy-based war game apps for your Android smartphone that have almost created a franchise for itself. You can even download an engaging turn-based strategy game that comes with has 3D, high-definition terrains, stunning visuals, and a variety of units and terrain types. These games can give many older computer games a run for their money in terms of graphics and…
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Top 10 Zombie Game Apps For Android

Yes, we seen it a million times in movies, video games and more recently in television shows, the zombies are coming and it’s time to get yourself prepared to survive. And although you might be bored of watching or hearing about zombies, you should definitely try these zombie-based android games that will either get your blood rushing or even make your heart skip a beat. There’s an entire range of great games that are both serious, with blood and gore…
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Top 10+ Bowling Game Apps for Android


The thing about being a good gamer is that you develop gaming skills that help you do any game as long as you are sure you have the time and the passion for it.  And Android has done such a great job by making available bowling game app for android available free for download and installation in your device. The mind-blowing games will challenge you, tease you, get you thinking and eventually help you relax. If you are seriously looking…
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Top 10+ Tower Defense Game Apps for Android

Tower defense games are the most popular types of games on Android platform these days. While these games require a lot more thinking as well as action, they remain the single most popular games for entertainment, which no game fanatic, including me can miss on their Smart Phone. Because these games require a lot of thinking and quite some long hour action, they only belong to serious gamers, who want to learn something new in the process. The tower defense…
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