Android Game Apps

Top 10+ Baseball Game Apps for Android


Baseball game dates back in history, perhaps at the time when humankind was beginning to embrace it as one of the best outdoor games. The game has been on since the 1920’s, and is still a popular option for most of the Americans. Back then, you needed to be physically present to participate in the game, but Google does not think so now. With so many baseball game apps for android available free for download, installation and play, it is…
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Top 30+ Retro Game Apps for Android


Retro game will capture your mind by charms, get you stuck on your couch, challenge you, tease you and teach, and make your day fly smoothly. Best for play when you are on holiday, vacation or free from work, Top Retro Games Apps for Android are a package you cannot miss on your Smart Phone. The apps live up for their purpose of bringing smile and delight. That they feature some old school graphics makes them even a lot more…
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Top 15 Sports News Apps for Android


More than 6 billion people love sports. You would rather miss the bite of a hotdog than go a day without watching the next baseball, football, and baseball or soccer Game. You would rather miss the bite of McDonald downtown at  Harry, Tom, or Dick’s eatery than miss the next sports update on TV. Android Apps now take the television and puts it in your pocket, making updates, sports news and charming game fantasies available via Top Sports News App…
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Top 20 Android Free Games 2015


Android is gaining popularity day by day, and the number of available apps for Android is also increasing. That means more free Android games. Here we are providing a list of top 20 Android free games 2015. Check them out, you would definitely like these interesting games. Candy Crush Saga Download Game Temple Run 2 An endless runner game developed by Imangi Studios. It is a sequel to the original Temple Run game. Temple Run 2 is even more challenging…
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Top 30 Android Paid Games 2015


How about playing the best android games on your Android device? Given is a list of top 10 Android paid games 2015. Purchase these worthy top paid games and have lots of fun! Minecraft – Pocket Edition Download Game Asphalt 7: Heat Gameloft always work hard to bring wonderful games to the players. Asphalt 7: Heat is a thrilling racing game from Gameloft. Control your incredible speed car from colliding with other racers, unlock several different cars and race on…
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Best Android Games

Gaming has totally changed in form and usage. In earlier times, most games which people played involved outdoor activities or video games but in today’s scenario of modern technology, games are played on Smartphones and tablets and can be enjoyed even for free of cost. Yes, gaming apps have made gaming so much easier and a lot more fun. No matter which category of game you wish to play, there is an app for it. Best android games are those…
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Godus God Game now available for free on Android

godus fea

Godus God Game is the name of the latest gaming app that has been launched on the Android app store. This app earlier made its debut on the iOS app store and has now been released on Google Play Store and that too for free of cost. Godus God Game is a platform where you get a chance to play the role of God and control a primitive village.  You need to shape the land in such a way that…
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Call of Duty: Heroes available for free on iOS, Android

Call of Duty® Featured

Call of Duty: Heroes is the name of the latest gaming app that has made its entry on the Android and iOS app store.  This gaming app is for fantasy game lovers who like a good fight, strategy building and graphic rich action. Call of Duty: Heroes involves building and protecting your base and raiding the bases of the other players.  This game also involves collecting of Celerium which is the game’s premium currency that lets you speed up the…
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Top 10+ Gaming Apps for Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest iteration of the popular Samsung Galaxy series of Smartphones. This series is popular for its features, functions, looks and also for the huge number of apps that can be downloaded on it, thanks to the Google Play Store.  Samsung Galaxy S5 is a 5.1 inch device featuring a super AMOLED touchscreen display and a 16 MP rear end camera. This phone runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat Operating system and is powered by a quad…
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Popular gaming app-Flappy Bird all set to make its reentry!

For all of those who were deeply saddened when Flappy Bird was taken off the apps stores, there’s good news! Yes, this popular and addictive gaming app is all set to make its big re-entry into the app stores. The creator of this app, Dong Nguyen has decided to launch a multiplayer version of this app in August. Flappy bird was taken down by Nguyen because he thought that people were getting a little too addicted to it.  But in…
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