Best Android Apps

Russsh, a Pickup & Delivery Company, Launches a New Android App

GetMyPeon has not only rebranded to Russsh, but also launched an app for Android Platforms. Russsh is one of the most successful startups that run errands for a large array of clients. It was founded in 2012. It’s stood the test of time, and proved to be the best pickup and drop service online. Today, the company has a user base of over 50,000 customers. After three years of operation, the company finally launches a mobile app. The name of…
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The Official Reddit App for iOS and Android is Finally Out

Reddit App

You, probably, didn’t know that Redditors and avid users have been waiting for Reddit app for Android and iOS for over a decade. The app has officially been released; so, now you can take Reddit with you wherever you go. What’s more is the app is available in Google Play Store ad iTunes App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. You can now get the latest trends, news and memes straight from the Reddit app for smart devices without…
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New Live Streaming Features Added to Facebook App for Android


Facebook Inc. has updated its Android app severally in the first quarter of 2016. The live video streaming feature that now lives inside the app was one of the biggest updates the company has ever made. The ability to stream live videos was embraced by the app’s use base from the moment it was rolled out to Android devices. Two months aren’t even gone, and the company has added a number of unique features to the app. From today, Facebook…
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Twitter Social Networking Company Adds Direct Messaging Button to its Android and iOS App


Twitter Inc often updates its iOS and Android app to enhance user interaction, boost app performance and improve user experience. The company has updated the app to give you one more option to respond to tweets. The developer team has added a direct messaging button to tweets to enable you share the tweets that you love privately. The company’s aim is to make conversation richer in direct messages. From this point forward, you will be able to share unique tweets…
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Download All 4 App for Android – The Only Android App that Gives You Exclusive Access to The Best TV Shows for Free

All 4

If you’ve been using Channel 4’s All 4 App for Android regularly, you will notice the app has been through major upgrades since launch. Apparently, the app not only has a new and shiny interface, but also it presents users with the best shows from around the world. The unique features of All 4 app for Android include using Google Cast to stream shows to your TV, live streaming TV channels, downloading your favorite shows over Wireless Fidelity Network, and…
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The Latest CNN App for Android Smart Devices Now Features 360 Video Playback

The CNN app for Android was developed to help you connect to the world. It is one of the perfect sources of unique headlines and new stories from around the globe. The breaking news alerts and up to date videos will keep you informed about what is going on around the world. The app also allows you to share stories and videos that you find interesting. In addition, you can watch Cable News Network TV Live from your Android Smartphone….
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LinkedIn App for Android and iOS Updated & Reviews Say the App is a Complete Improvement

A new design of LinkedIn for Android and iOS is available globally. Everything about the company has always been about being professional, and this, alone, explains why the app has a fresh, new look. The new design of LinkedIn for Android and iOS is typically the type of an overhaul that will deliver a cutting-edge professional experience, the kind of experience that is more relevant than the previous version of the app for both operating systems. The new version of…
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RBC Inc Mobile App for Android Revamped With a Completely New Design

RBC Mobile

RBC Mobile is a smartphone banking solution run by three bodies: Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Dominion Securities and Royal Bank of Canada Direct Investing Inc. With RBC Mobile for Android, you can send money to a friend, pay any bill wherever you are, deposit a check and even check your account balance without the need to sign in to your account. RBC Mobile for Android has been updated with a new design, giving it an exact layout similar to…
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Cyberpost Launches Virtual Mailbox App for Android and iOS

Cyberpost Android App

Businesses can now use Cyberpost to communicate with their target audience. Cyberpost app is available for both iOS and Android. Each user will now have a virtual box through which they will receive offers and promotions linked to their unique physical address. Let’s face it: junk mails are often annoying. Unfortunately, though, we keep receiving them from time to time, particularly from people we don’t know. Cyberpost, a company that helps businesses to connect and build relationship with their audiences,…
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Uber Has Launched an Android App Called UberEATS

Uber Eats

Uber has been giving people rides for so many years now. In fact, the company grew massively just by giving people rides. Apparently, Uber is expanding its services, which means there is going to be more that just giving you a ride from a point of origin to a desired location. The company now wants to give your food a ride, so they created an Android app called UberEATS. Uber says it’s working with more than one hundred restaurants in…
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