Android Social Apps

Best Android Hookup Apps

Meet24 - Flirt, Chat, Singles

These days, the concept of dating and communicating through the internet is on the rise. In such a scenario, where chatting is a common activity, hooking up through dating sites and portals is also common. There are special dedicated apps on each of the app stores which allow users to find people of their liking and those who share common interests. These apps are known as hookup apps or dating apps and are widely used all across the world to…
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Best Android Communication and Chatting Apps

imo free video calls and chat

Chatting is one of the most common activities that people use a smartphone or a tablet for. Chatting is a form of communication wherein you enter a text and send it to someone and receive their reply instantaneously. Earlier, laptops and computers were used to chat and communicate but these days; this tasks can be easily done through communication and chatting apps. Communication and chatting apps are available on all platforms including the Android app store as well. These apps…
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Best Social Apps for Android


We live in a world where communication is no longer only about meeting people or giving your loved ones a call. These days, the meaning and definition of communication and networking has changed.  Nowadays, social networking and instant messaging have become the preferred forms of talking to and keeping in touch with friends, family and others. There are hundreds of social apps for Android users to download on the Google Play store and these apps ensure that you never feel…
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Wire multi-platform communication app launched

Wire featured

A Skype-Like communications and messaging apps called Wire has been launched for Ios, Android and OS X platforms and this latest app will be released browser add ons too. This is a multi-platform messaging app which will enable users across different Operating systems to chat with one another. Wire allows individual one-to-one chatting, group chatting, making voice calling, sync chatting and many other facilities. This app also enables users to share across pictures, videos and even music files.  The feature…
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Status-New iOS/Android App Launched to Tell Your Friends Your Phone is Dead

Status - auto status updates Featured

Meet Status, an all-new app which is meant to help you in a situation when your phone is dead and a loved one is calling or when you are driving or are in a meeting. This app is designed in such a way that it enables you to send out an automated message to the one calling in any of these situations. Status is an app which makes use of the various sensors and data crammed in your phone to…
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Facebook Groups app released for easy communication

Facebook Groups

Facebook has come out with a new and free mobile app for its Group feature.  This is an app which makes it easy for users to create and interact with different communities and groups on the site. Facebook Groups app is designed in such a way that it makes accessing of Groups easier from a mobile device.  This means that users will no longer have to dig through the Facebook app to reach the groups and begin interactions.  The new…
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Snapchat Launches Snapcash Feature to Being Real Identity and ad Targeting


Snapchat has come out with a new feature for its app and this feature is known as Snapcash.  This feature has been launched on iOS platform but will soon be introduced for other platforms as well. Snapcash on Snapchat is a feature using which one can send money to their friends by connecting the debit card to their Snapchat accounts.  The debit card can be connected through a partnership with Square Cash.  To give Snapchat a better idea of who…
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Klout social networking app for Android launched

Klout social networking app

The latest social networking app which has been launched on the Android operating system platform is called Klout.  This is a platform which is designed in such a way that people can be known for what they love. Klout is a platform which analyses the largest collection of cross-network social information and makes personalized content recommendations and suggestions which can help one create better content.  The idea is that by gathering better content, one becomes more enhanced in terms of…
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Top 15+ Video Call Apps for Android


Video calling apps are those kinds of applications which enable one to make video calls or do video calling or conferencing. These apps are available in plenty on Google Play store or the Android app store. The following are the top video call apps which can be downloaded on Android devices: Facebook Facebook is most preferred social networking platform on the globe and enables the users to stay connected with their loved ones through pictures, text, video calls and much…
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Top 15+ Video Call Apps for Android

Imo Free Video Calls and Text

Placing regular calls is over – nowadays, it’s all about video calling. If you have a smartphone, you are likely carrying a video calling device. Video chats are not just convenient – as always our smartphones are with us, we can place a video call on the go. Android store holds a slew of services that lets you place video calls. So if you are looking for the best video call apps for your Android device, you may want to…
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