Android Travel Apps

Best Flight Ticket Booking Apps for Android

Google Play Store is the largest app stores in the world and it contains millions of apps, with many more being added to it each day. This app store enables all Android device owners to download the apps on their phones, tablets and even Smartwatches in order to make their day to day working easier and more convenient.  The many different apps have been divided into several categories based on their usage and purpose. One such app category is the…
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10+ Best Railways Apps for Android

Indian Railways app- IRCTC PNR

Android is one of the most popular and most used Mobile Phone Operating system platforms in the world and is also the one which is present on the maximum number of Smartphones and tablets. What makes Android a special and popular platform is its app store or Google Play store. This app store has thousands of apps divided into many categories, catering to each and every user in some way or the other. Android app store has a separate category…
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Top Navigation Apps for Android

Google Maps is an amazing navigation app and all love to use it. Hence, most users may have never considered about checking alternative navigation apps for Android at the Google Play Store. If you are a navigation geek, there are tons of options out there if you look beyond Google. Here we listed down some of the top navigation apps for Android. Maps Maps from Google is undoubtedly the most amazing navigation app made for Android phones. All Android phones…
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Top Android Apps for Airline Pilots

In this world where every person needs mobile and tablet applications to perform most tasks in the day, how can an airline pilot be left behind? Over a range of platforms, over 1 million applications exist and out of these, a few are also dedicated to all those individuals who are airline pilots by profession. These apps can help a pilot in his/her profession and thus prove to be really handy in various circumstances. Android app store or Google Play…
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Top Android Apps for Drivers

The growth and development of GPS and other car driving tools have made driving easier for many people. These services prove to be really beneficial for truck drivers, car drivers and many other vehicle drivers as well. With the rise in mobile app technology and usage, it is common to see drivers using the help of GPS service on their phone or tablet to find routes and directions. Android app store or Google Play store consists of a large number…
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Top Android Apps for Truck Drivers

Driving and maintaining a truck or a lorry is not an easy task and requires skills, strength and a lot of attentiveness. To make things easy for truck drivers, technology had offered many of its services and apps which can be downloaded from various platforms like Android app store, iOS app store and Windows store etc. These apps are designed in such a way that they let a truck driver maintain and manage his/her truck and also keep a check…
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