Android App Tutorials

How to Install APK Files on Android Phone

APK files installation

The Android Market has thousands of apps for your android devices but you can also install third party apps on any android phone which you can’t find in the Android Market. These third party applications come in the form of APK (abbreviation for ‘Android Package’). You can easily install these applications and make use of the innumerable third party applications for the android phones which are available today. Here is a simple guide as to how you can install these…
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How to Install Apps on Multiple Android Devices

Install Apps on Multiple Device

If you own a number of android devices, you can now install the apps that you have one device on all the other android devices without having to purchase multiple copies of the same apps for each one of your android devices. Android Market of versions 3.0 and higher offers you the ability to do just that by letting you download all your paid apps on your other android devices and that too at no extra cost. Go to android…
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How to Change Your Android Device Font

Changing Font

For almost all the android phones the default font of phone is very likable and just the right size, considering both looks and the comfort of usage. But some of you might be bored of looking at the same font every time and want to change or you might one of those who like to keep changing the looks and feel of their phone just because of the ability that an android phone offers you. If you want to change…
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How to Share Apps on Android Phones

Apps Sharing

The apps that you can find today for android phones are countless and more are being launched every day. There are many ways in which you can share android apps with other android phones such as sending the scanned barcode to the recipient or directing you to the source of that particular app. But there are even easier ways than that to share apps among android phones. One of these ways is to install ‘Share Apps’ or ‘App Share’ which…
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