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Top10 Usefull iPad Apps for Journalists


Technology has revolutionized, so much that most televisions and radio stations now use iPads for news casting and other programs. This is a common trade in India, Africa, Europe, Canada and the United States of America. Whether you want to collaborate and share your journalistic materials, read news, rehearsal the news before the actual airing time or simply want to prepare questions for TV or radio session interview, the top iPad apps for journalists will definitely be helpful. The top…
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Top 10+ Handwriting Note Apps for iPad

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It is obviously tiring to carry pens and books to class or office. Using such materials (books and pens) for studies and work is great, but technology is changing manual writing and drawing into digital format. The best handwriting note Apps for iPad are one such clear evidence of the new evolution in human technology. Instead of using traditional methods of writing, the apps use a touch screen technology, which lets you write your notes using the pre installed system keyboard…
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Top 15 iPad Apps for Architects

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You are probably tired writing your architect data on papers and perhaps your portable laptop, and that is okay. Times change and traditions seem to be somewhat boring in a way. Regardless of the boredom of carrying papers and pens in your endeavors from time to time almost on a daily, the iTunes app store now brings you the top Best iPad Apps for Architects to make your work even more enjoyable. Designed and developed with a high level of…
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Top Apps for iPad air 2

ipad air mini 2

The iPad air 2, designed, developed, and launched by apple, became available in October 2014 as one of the best phones the world has ever known. It is comes in different colors from space gray, silver and gold. This gadget features a 9.4 inches and a retina screen display among other admirable features. It has a body dimension of 240×169.5×6.1mm with the weight of 437 grams. It is only 6.1 mm thick. This makes it the thinnest iPad to be…
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Top Apps for iPad mini 3


The launch of iPad mini 3 was a great breakthrough in the world technology especially when it comes to security. The device has a perfect password that is the owners fingerprint. It also allows the owner to make purchases that are secure in terms of iTunes, iBooks and the app store. Online shopping with the phone is convenient, secure, and very fast. The best device is 200×134.7×7.5 mm in dimensions and has a lightweight of 331 grams. It has an…
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Best Note Taking Apps for IOS

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Note taking is definitely one of the few actions that spring up from time to time. It is possible that such need finds you off guard by an important point that you need to take down lest you forget and miss your deal. While diaries remain noticeably relevant, the advent of Best Note Taking Apps for IOS means that one can take notes and organize them more easily and stylishly. Here are the numerous advantages and features that come with…
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Best IOS Game Apps


A good mind is one that has everything in good proportion, activity and entertainment. Games allow a human mind to relax and fully integrate with the environment, but in most cases this does on is just too tired to engage in rigorous physical activity. However, the best IOS game apps provide one with an opportunity to exercise their skills at the comfort of their bed. These apps have numerous features and advantages and here are the few notable ones. Build…
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Best IOS online Mobile Recharging Apps


Online recharging is one of the major benefits that smartphone user can reap from the advent of high-end technology. With numerous applications now supporting this form of business, there are more than a dozen things one can accomplish by use of such apps. For this purpose here are a few of the basic features that this best IOS online mobile recharging apps possess and are crucial for ensuring your comfort. These apps are essential in allowing you to pay for…
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Best Camera Apps for IOS


Cute photos are normally a combination of both skill and good hardware and software. Looking for the best camera apps for IOS can be a challenging task, but this should not be all that a tall order if you know a few things that you should know about these apps. The ease of use is one such important factor that is at the forefront of every application. Based on the experience with certain apps each of them has different levels…
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Best IOS Browser Apps


Browsing is one of the key necessities of today’s information age. With the phone being a basic utility that serves for communication, enlightenment and so many other functions. Best IOS browser apps are one such key necessity that every smartphone must have. However, it is important to note the added advantages that come with these apps to know why they should be a priority. These apps are further installed with capabilities of data synchronization which allows you to have all…
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