iPhone Music & Entertainment Apps

Top iPhone Apps for Music Teachers


Music is a tradition, a life, love, and anything good you can imagine. It is a thing for the young and old and everyone understands it better than movies, holidays and tours. You love music the same way I adore the lyrics. You cannot resist music and I can never do the same. For music teachers, the availability of Top iPhone Apps for Music teachers is an answer to most musical challenges. With the best apps in music, you can…
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Best Audio & video Players Apps for IOS


Entertainment is part and parcel of a good living, one that lets you feel relaxed and flow with the rhythm. Having a smartphone without good music or video will definitely be boring and this is the reason there exists a wide variety of best audio and video players for IOS that one can have installed on their gadgets to enjoy their music and video clips. This apps have numerous uses and here are some of their top properties not available…
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Top Radio Apps for iPhone


Gone are the days when people carried radios to enjoy music or kept radio systems at home to listen to sporting event commentaries. But in this day and age of modern technology, nobody needs to carry separate radios to listen to programmes or enjoy songs, thanks to radio apps that can be downloaded on mobile phones or tablets. For example, if you own an iPhone, then you are offered with hundreds of especially designed radio apps from across the world….
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Top 20+ Guitar Apps for iPhone

JamUp Pro XT - Multi Effects Processor

The iTunes App Store provides a wide range of guitar related apps that are not just featured for beginners. The apps are useful for those who have never touched the instrument before and also to those who have been playing it for years together. The apps are very handy and can be your best tutors and kits on various occasions. Guitar Lessons: Rock Prodigy Rock Prodigy is an app designed for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. Once you’ve installed…
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Top 20+ Voice Recording Apps for iPhone


IPhone has the best recording quality. People have done a lot of things with that.  Some have even tried using iPhone recorder professionally. Developers have observed that and they decided to provide better apps for iPhone. Now you can get a lot of features to make your recording better. You can find the best apps to help you enhance your recorded files. You can have the best voice recording apps on your mobile device and you can easily access to…
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Top 25+ Drum Apps for iOS

Paper Jamz Drums

Drums are the instruments that carry rhythm and beat. They are loud and powerful and it takes a lot of energy to play. It’s not so easy to master this instrument, as it needs a lot of effort and skill. But now it’s not that hard to play drum. Just download these drum apps and you can play like a pro. Here are few good apps for drummers. Drum Kit This app has good interface, multi touch facility and 5…
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Top 20 Piano Apps for iPhone

Tiny Piano

Leaning a completed music instrument like piano is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and time to master a piano. Now you don’t have to worry about learning a complete music instrument. It’s very easy to play and understand the instrument with the help of these apps. ios, was the first to have these apps. Here are few amazing apps that will teach you how to play a piano. Pianist This app provides 88 keys and it helps…
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Top 50 Bollywood Apps for iOS

A R Rahman Hits

Bollywood is a culture. Everyone likes to follow its trend and stay updated with the news related to their favorite celebrities. Fans can also stay tuned to Bollywood music and movies. Here are few apps that will give you all the information you need to know about bollywood from music to gossips. Desi Music This app not only focuses on bollywood music, but it also gives you the top song charts of other Indian genres. It even has the link…
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Top 25+ Sound Effect Apps for iOS

Sound Game Wildlife Animals

You can have the most unique, funny and weird sounds to listen and laugh. These apps have almost every type of sound that you’re looking for. You can play around with your friends and family and have a lot of fun, with the help of these apps. 50 SOUND EFFECTS This is an entertaining app. It has close to 50 mind blowing sound effects.  Effects like stun gun, machine gun, electric guitar and zombie moan. You can download this app…
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Top 5 Bass Booster Apps for iPhone

SuperLoud Standard - Amazing Quality Equalizer

Genres like trance and techno are nothing without bass, as the whole genre revolves around it. This shows us how important it is for music. Here are few apps that will enhance your mobile sound clarity and give you the real thump of bass. Bass Boost It completely focuses on bass and very less on other effects.  Bass booster is a perfect app for people who love hip-hop and techno. You can get that dynamic effect of sound with the…
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