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Your Personalized News Reader, News360 is out for Your iPhone!


All over the web, News360 collects blog posts and news articles and also get you your desired content. As you find out and read stories, the artificial intelligence which is behind the News360 get to know about what type of articles yo do prefer, and with your consent, can able to study how you use Twitter, Facebook and other kind of services to aid in making the news feeds based on your interests. The more you utilize this News360 the…
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MobileRSS HD is Out for iPad!

mobilerss hd

Now the well known RSS feed reader client is accessible on the iPad. The MobileRSS HD is brought for your iPad! This will put you in sync which no other mobile reader can do it, from the online Google Reader account to the iPhone, and presently the iPad. Do not lose the count of the shared items, unread, or starred of yours. This is particularly designed for iPad, with every great functionality. You will get to know the latest information…
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Christmas-themed Air Hippo Game for iPhone


Make your christmas more colorful playing exciting games! Oleg Kapitonov has developed a game for iPhone named Air Hippo. This is an iPhone game which is a christmas-themed game. This is really a fun game to play for this holiday season. In this game, you play as a hippo that has decided to have a Santa Claus turn. Hippos are naturally hilarious, but they hardly get featured in the games. Like the board game, Air Hippo is also colored brightly…
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iPhone and iPad Users

GTA Vice City

Rockstar games that has created many Grand Theft Auto games has released an ios edition of Grand theft Auto: vice city to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Playing this game on retina display and high-resolution ipad, gives a fabulous experience for the players. The GTA has completely changed the gaming field with its open-world freedom for humor, crime and action in pleasant cities. The latest version of GTA, vice city for mobile devices has come up with some high- resolution animated…
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Snapseed – a top photo editing App for iPhone and iPad


After acquiring the Snapseed in September, Google has now launched a popular photo application tool supportive to both android smart phones and tablets. Snapseed a simple and powerful photo editor allows the users to edit or enhance their images with the help of various tweaks and touch ups. Snapseed is a favourite mobile and photo editing app for most of the iphone, iPad and iPod touch users. The latest version released by Google has no more price tag of $4.99,…
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Xbox SmartGlass iOS app Improved with a Fresh Look for iPhone 5

xbox-smartglass ios app

The Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app was well attained by Windows Phone, iOS and Android users since its release just a month back. This app has turned out into a big hit because of the additional content it brought to Xbox 360. Already the firm had introduced an update for the users of Android to support the app on Android devices. Presently, it has updated an application for iOS to provide much better support for 16:9 aspect ratio of Apple device…
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The Latest Version 2.0 Gmail app for iPad And iPhone

gmail app 2.0

Few months ago, Gmail team has set out to build up the Gmail app for iPad and iPhone to provide you sleeker, simpler and faster experience on iOS. Then recently the Gmail team has released 2.0 version of iOS app, which is accessible to both iPhone and iPad. This is a very beautiful app! Its speciality is to present a left panel to support multi-account with Google Now-styled conversations, and lots of improvements like profile pictures, numerous latest animations, simple-respond…
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Fingerprint Digital to Release 7 Latest Mobile Edutainment apps for Children

Fingerprint Digital latest game apps

Kids, its time to have some fun! Fingerprint digital announced that it has achieved 7 latest mobile edutainment (education + entertainment) apps for kids on its publishing floor. The latest apps that are free to play indicate that the organization’s children-oriented floor is accumulating momentum in the market for the parent-accepted mobile phone apps for children. As a whole, in a very short time there will be 22 apps shooting on the iOS devices like iPod, iPad, iPad Mini and…
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