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New Save Media Option and Text Formatting Features Added to WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iOS

WhatsApp App

WhatsApp Messenger is probably the most frequently updated app in Google Play Store and iTunes. The Telegram links update was a few months back, and the ability to send PDF files was introduced barely a month ago. In addition, the Settings Screen update was just one week ago. And if these updates have not got your attention what about the save media option and the text formatting features added in the current update? The iOS app has been tweaked to…
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You Can Record and Send a 60-Second Video with Google Hangout 8.0 for iOS Smart Devices

Hangouts App

If you own an iPhone Smartphone and you have used Google Hangout on it, you must have noted that the app actually enables people to send and receive video messages. The ability to send Hangout videos has been there since version 2.0 of Google Hangout for iOS, except you could only send a video that doesn’t exceed the tenth seconds mark. This means that if you had a video message that exceeded 10 seconds, sending the video as a file…
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Microsoft Outlook App for iOS Updated with Touch ID Support and More Features

Microsoft Outlook

Finally, Microsoft decided to offer more protection to its Outlook app for iOS. The app has been updated with Touch ID support, which means the new version offers Outlook’s user base the ability to stay fully protected as far as their Outlook email accounts is concerned. The benefit of Touch ID support feature is that it enables you to protect your inbox with your own finger, and even if someone gains access to your phone and get tempted to check…
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Facebook Extended the Like Button to Improve How You Respond to a Post

Messenger App News

You may have been too busy lately to use Facebook on your Android and iOS smartphone, so the new update might have taken into effect without your notice. Facebook, a company that works almost 24 hours a day to improve your social networking experience, tweaked the like button (link) to improve how you respond to friends, pages and groups posts. Now you can respond to a new or old post using six reactions: Like, Love, Sad, Angry, Wow and Haha….
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PayPal Launches a Redesigned App for Android and iOS


For many of us, doing business online would be impossible if PayPal were not there. Known as the world’s leading solution for sending and receiving payments in more than 180 countries, PayPal plays the biggest role in online market in a way other similar services never can. PayPal created iOS and Android to enable its user base to send and receive payments through their mobile devices. The company revamped the two apps to improve user experience, and to make it…
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Yahoo revamps its iOS and Android App to Give Accurate Focus on Video and News Content

Yahoo Mail

The New Year is still young, and something new, and perhaps just a little bit interesting, is happening at Yahoo. It has been a while since Yahoo ever worked made any major updates on its iOS and Android apps. Today mark a second new beginning for Yahoo app; the company has completely revamped the app, for both iPhone and Android Operating System, to give and done its best to give more focus on video content as well as news articles….
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Download Sony’s Virtual Reality App from iTunes or Play Store

The Walk VR

The popularity of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in the entertainment industry is incomparable to any other entertainment company that you know. In fact, Sony has always taken entertainment to the extreme, placing the company in the list of the top ten entertainment industries of all time. The company has launched a unique app for iOS and Android Smartphones. The name of the app is called The Walk VR. VR is this context stands for Virtual Reality. The app is inspired…
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Microsoft Developed an iOS App That Lets You Create the Best Selfies

Microsoft Selfie App

Microsoft Corporation developed an alternative camera for iPhone Operating System. The name of the app is Microsoft Selfie. According to the company, Microsoft Selfie for iOS is a portrait and Selfie enhancement app. While your iPhone’s rear camera is good for personal selfies, trying a camera app that is different and unique will be worth it for sure. So, you may want to try this app for a unique photo session experience. Before and while developing this app, Microsoft considered…
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Use Betternet for iOS and Android for Anonymous Browsing


The internet isn’t haven these days. Cybercrimes, particularly identity theft, are too common to say the least. Moreover, not a few months from now and you will hear another scandal, or perhaps a number of scary stories, of hacked accounts and stolen credit card information. But we can’t stop using the internet, which means there needs to be a better solution that guarantees information privacy and personal security when surfing the net. Over one billion people use their smartphones for…
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ESPN iOS App Updated to Enable You Watch Live Games


ESPN app is always fun to use. If you are a sports fan, you know for sure that ESPN often makes sure that you never miss any information on your favorite teams. Although ESPN has been handy for as long as many can remember, it has always had one shortcoming. Watching live games has never been possible, because ESPN didn’t include this feature in the ESPN app for iOS. Adding the video feature to the app would mean that now…
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