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Google Has Added Reminders to Calendar App for Android and iOS

Google Calendar App

Google Calendar has so far helped billions to manage their time and events. But, unlike other apps, Google Calendar isn’t Google’s most frequently updated mobile and web application. Today, however, you will notice some changes in Google Calendar on both iOS and Android devices. Google has introduced a reminder feature in the app on both iOS and Android platform. Also, the same feature has been introduced to Google’s Web version of the app. Google, seemingly, has introduced this at the…
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Mozilla Firefox officially launches an iOS App

Firefox Web Browser

After working hard for a couple of months, Mozilla Firefox now brings its browser app to iOS App Store. The browser is available for free download from iTunes. Firefox is open to iOS users worldwide. The app works across multiple Apple devices; it delivers an unbeatable user experience for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Now you can take the version 1.1 of the app with you wherever you go. If you love Mozilla browser and have often wished it…
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Facebook Launches Notify for iOS Smart Devices

Notify by Facebook

Facebook has launched a new iOS app called Notify. The standalone app will allow users to keep track of what is going on around the world; you can now receive news and top stories of your interest from up to seventy websites on your lock screen. Notify is unique in the sense that it will only send notifications that matter based on user’s preference. Because a quick glance of notifications on your lock screen keeps you connected only to the…
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Pip-Boy, a Fallout 4 App Launched for Android and iOS

Fallout Pip Boy App

Pip-Boy, a Fallout 4 companion app is now available on Google Play and iTunes App Store. The app plays an important role in the Fallout series gameplay; it will serve as settings menu and persistence status screen. Pip-Boy comes with a number of mini games accessible only in Fallout 4. According to the developers, Fallout 4 players can access the mini games by collecting holotapes featured only in Fallout 4. Although already released to app stores, Bethesda says it will…
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Fallout C.H.A.T App Available for Android and iOS

Fallout C.H.A.T

Bethesda Softworks has launched a new smartphone app for Android and iOS operating system. The official name of the app is Fallout C.H.A.T, and it comes a few days before the official launch of Fallout 4 video game. The purpose of this app is to enable users to chat each other using animated GIFs and Emoji characters. According to the video game company, C.H.A.T is an acronym that stands for Communication Hub and Transmitter, and it is built to jazz…
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Google Drive Improved to Allow Sharing of Experience and Notification

Google Drive FI

Google Drive is a powerful application by Google Inc. that helps securely save users’ files for a lifetime, unless a user decides to delete theirs. The app, working on both iOS and Android, enables users to securely share files and folders, search for files, view documents, and set sharing permissions for files view. The Search Engine giant is often working hard to give millions of its users the best experience on Google Drive and other apps.  Today, the company has…
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Facebook iOS App Updated to Fix Battery Drain Issue

Facebook Featured Image

Sometimes, even the most amazing iPhone app can be a nuisance, and this is true for Facebook iOS app.  Although Facebook App for iPhone is perhaps certainly the most popularly used app on iOS smart devices, it has been a nightmare a couple of times. Recently, Facebook users complained that the iOS app was draining their Smartphone’s battery. Ari Grant, engineering manager at Facebook, said the previous app had a few key issued that caused premature battery drainage. The Company…
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BuzzFeed Has Launched a News App on iOS


BuzzFeed News app for iOS is fresh one on iTunes. It brings you great stories, breaking news, instant news alerts handpicked from different news platform on the web. You can now get the best and top stories of the hour from your iPhone Smart Phone with BuzzFeed News. The idea to create the iOS app actually sprung last year, when the company hired experts in journalism to work on the iOS app. Today, this dream has come true. The company…
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Planted Has Launched an iOS App to Help You Find Jobs That You Will Love


It is not easy for the non-technical graduates to find jobs once they graduate from college or the university. Unlike those with computer science degree, it may take the non-technical class of graduate quite a long time to find jobs that best fit their skills. Planted, a community that nurtures talents and helps the young people grow their careers has launched an iOS app to help address the technicality of finding jobs at startup for the non-technical graduates. The mains…
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Top 10 Crossword Apps for iPhone

The iPhone gaming technology takes crossword gaming from normal, non-reusable piece of paper and brings it to your iPhone screen. Crossword fans who now won iPhone Smart Phones can enjoy their crossing moments without ever having to wait for the following day newspaper. With more challenging spins that will blow your mind away and make you think critically, the crossword apps for iPhone are exactly what you need if you are ready for some challenging, interesting as well as educative…
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