Best Apple iOS Apps

YouTube app for iOS Brings Apple Devices Support

Google has most recently updated the YouTube app for iOS. It supports a variety of Apple services and products like iphone 5’s 4 inch screen, and also has the ability to run the videos over AirPlay to Apple TV or other kind of enabled devices more easily. Now the new application is also having total support for iPad, along with an interface which is particularly framed for Apple tablet. When Apple launched iOS 6 in the month of September, it…
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Top 10 Crazy Puzzle Games Apps for Your Mobile Phones

Puzzle games have been played for a large number of years by people across all age groups. They are not only stimulating for the brain; they are also extremely enjoyable, since these puzzle games help people to use logic while having loads of fun. For all gaming enthusiasts, here is a list of the top ten puzzle games apps that can be played on mobiles, in no particular order. GESUNDHEIT: Download app This puzzle game is extremely popular because of…
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Top 4 Photo Editing Apps for Android and IOS

From professional graphic designers to amateur photography enthusiasts, digital artists and photographers of all skill levels are searching for the answer to a simple question: Which photo editing app is the best? As with many software-related questions, there isn’t one simple answer. Instead, there are a variety of top photo editing apps that suit a range of purposes. From a beginner photographer looking for a simple interface and useful features to one of the world’s top photo editors seeking power…
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