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The Bard’s Tale App Review

The Bard’s Tale game

The Bard’s Tale is an action game developed by inXile Entertainment. This is a different and funny role-playing game. It is easy to play with simple combat system. This game takes you through a fantasy adventure. The game revolves around a beast criminal called the Bard. He is a traveling musician who is not interested in any noble adventure or in becoming a hero. He is a selfish crook who is tired of rat-infested cellars. With a magical song, he…
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Asphalt 7: Heat App Review

Asphalt 7: Heat game

Asphalt 7: Heat is a car racing game developed by Gameloft. If you are a fan of racing games, you will definitely like this game. You can compete against other players with 60 different cars on 15 unique tracks across 150 different events. This game satisfies all the players who like racing games. This game is not that different from its previous series, but the frame rate and graphical improvements make it much better. Before you start the game, you…
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Raging Thunder App Review

Raging Thunder Review

Raging thunder is a wonderful car racing game developed by Polarbit. This is a 3D game with excellent graphics. This game mainly focuses on the accessibility, speed and fun. While you race, 2 speed based meters, a lap, a speedometer, a time count and a radar screen are displayed on your screen. All these are arranged in an unobtrusive manner on your screen. This game consists of 4 game modes: quick race, arcade, championship and time attack. In quick race,…
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Reckless Racing App Review

Reckless Racing App

Reckless Racing is a mind-blowing racing game developed by Polarbit. The gameplay is awesome and you get totally immersed into the game. This game consists of so many exciting features which grab your attention. This game is all about sliding and slipping around the corners in the dirt. You will slam your thumbs on the gas and try to move much faster than other competitors to be in the first place. Initially you feel the levels are easy, but as…
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Reckless Getaway App Review

Reckless Getaway Review

Reckless Getaway is a racing game developed by Polarbit. This game consists of a challenging gameplay which keeps you entertained for hours. In this game, you play as a bank robber. You have to escape from the cops by overcoming the obstacles in your way. You need to drive your car at a high speed and avoid other cars, police car chases and other obstacles that come in your way. Collect power ups and coins that are available along your…
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Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite App Review

Kids Preschool Puzzle Game

If you are looking for an educational plus entertainment game application for your preschool aged kid, this is the perfect game for you. This game educates as well as entertains your kids. Try this game once, see how your kid gets absorbed to this game! When you get into the game, you find an image outline to your right and some colorful pieces to your left. The goal of this game is to drag the colorful pieces and place each…
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Track My Train App Review

Track My Train Review

Track My Train is an addictive puzzle game developed by The Game Boss. Once you try this game, you will never go for another puzzle game. In this game you need to exercise your brain and take your train to the destination safely. Are you ready to help the train in reaching safely? In this game you should help the train in reaching its destination safely. The gameplay is simple. Although the game is simple to play, you need to…
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One Touch Drawing App Review

One Touch Drawing App Review

One touch drawing is a wonderful puzzle game developed by Ecapyc Inc. You can kill your boring time by playing this game. You can enjoy this game for free! This game consists of many levels. Each level presents you a figure. Your main goal in this game is to draw those displayed figures with a single touch. That is you should not break at any edge while drawing. Another twist here is that you are not allowed to draw a…
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Tic Tac Toe Pro App Review

Tic Tac Toe Pro App

Tic Tac Toe is a very popular game which was originally known as noughts and crosses. You no longer require a paper and a pen to play this game. You can now comfortably play this game on your device with another player. Here is the game description to the people who have not played this game earlier. The game consists of a 3 by 3 grid and it is a 2 player game. Each player is provided with different signs…
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Sudoku Free App Review

Sudoku Free Review

Daily we come across the Sudoku puzzle game in the newspapers or magazines. Now this game has come to your mobile devices, and tablets in the form of a digital format. Now no need to search any paper puzzles, you can install this Sudoku Free app on your devices and can play on the go. This game features a 9 by 9 grid with limited numbers. You need to fill the entire grid from 1 to 9 numbers. But a…
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