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Scribd Releases Kindle Fire App, Updates iOS and Android Versions


Scribd, called Netflix of digital books, has launched an app for Kindle Fire users while overhauling its iOS and Android editions. Scribd has unleashed its service in October on iOS, Android and Web. Today, the company has extended its service to Kindle Fire users. Just like its iOS and Android versions, Kindle Fire app also lets Scribd’s subscribers to access their desired number of ebooks from the library of more than 1 lakh titles that blends the Scribd’s novice ebook…
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Spuul Releases an App for Kindle Fire Tablet Users


The online global streaming service for Indian television programmes and movies, Spuul has unleashed a new app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire users. The service, already available on iOS and Android, lets users to watch their favorite Indian TV programmes and films while on the go. The Kindle Fire version is in close feature parity with iOS and Android versions, which features a huge catalog of movies and television shows, and offers you different options to watch videos; like free-to-watch videos,…
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BBc Sport Receives an Update On iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

BBc Sport

BBC has launched an update for its native Sport app on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. The revamp brings an amazing integrated radio player for BBC-Radio 5 Live. In order to access the newly added live radio player, open the side menu and select ‘Live Radio’ option. Then you can listen to live sport and discussion while browsing through the recent match reports, analysis, and news. Browse the app while radio station playing in the background! To pause or…
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BBC iPlayer Radio Brings the Ability to Download Podcasts

BBC iPlayer Radio

BBC has recently revamped its salient iPlayer Radio app, bringing the most-anticipated support for podcast downloads. This update is available across iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire devices. Now the latest version of the app allows users to download podcasts under a new ‘My Downloads’ section to listen later, even in the absence of internet connection. Both the Amazon Kindle and Android users will have this section under the main menu, whereas the iOS users will have it under the…
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The Addictive Puzzle Game, Dots Lands On Android and Kindle Fire


Dots, the simple yet addictive puzzle game that has taken the Apple App Store by Storm, has arrived on Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store.   Here’s the game description for those who are not familiar with it: Players are required to hook up as many same-colored dots as they can within a minute. You are also allowed to compete against others by connecting with the standard social networks. With the launch of Android version, Betaworks (the company behind the…
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BBC Sport Launches a Kindle Fire Version, and Updates Its iOS and Android Apps

Samsung Galaxy S4 is popular and gains more users every day. Here, we look at some best apps to complement this mobile phone. We discuss some excellent apps for Android Samsung Galaxy S4.

Finally, the most-awaited BBC Sport app lands on Kindle Fire! This app serves as a sports guide, which lets users to keep track of all the news in the sporting world, including stats, videos and many more. Currently, the Kindle Fire version is only available to users who stay in the UK, but it will be rolling out internationally in future. This app works similar to the iOS and Android versions, allowing users to keep up-to-date with live scores, news…
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Top Children Ebooks for Kindle

Tired of spending long hours at bookstores searching for your favorite book? If yes, it’s time to go digital. Ebooks have become a highly efficient means of reading books in the digital form. They are easily available and can be read within minutes after downloading. All one has to do is click on the download button- and the book is yours to be read. Ebooks have proved highly beneficial in the learning process, especially for children. So, if you are…
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Top Kindle Foreign Language Books

Here is a nice and warm category of amazing Kindle books to choose from. With fascinating story lines and some great literary names adorning the book front covers, you are in for a wordy treat with these books. Here are some special picks. A Hero of Our Time: Download Book A Hero of Our Time was written by one of the most influential Russian poets, Mikhail Lermontov. He was also a painter and a romantic by heart. This novel started…
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Top 10 Kindle Serials

When one orders a kindle serial, he will get all the published episodes for that particular serial and then he will get the rest of the serials when they will release at no extra cost. User can read the episodes and discuss them with other readers in Kindle Forum. Here is a list of top ten Kindle Serials. The Immortal Circus: Download Serial The Immortal Circus is written by author A.R. Kahler. The story is about a girl named Vivienne who…
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Top 10 Books for Kindle

Kindle can be your pocket library. Transfer all your favorite ebooks onto Kindle and enjoy the collection. There is no doubt that getting Kindle books is expensive. There are also free books available that can help you enjoy your hobby. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Book 1 Download Book This book is an amalgamation of family and love that involves a murder mystery and is the first of the Millennium Trilogy. The book is a bestseller and has been…
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