Best Facebook Apps

Facebook for iOS Gets Support for Status Update Icons in the New Update


Facebook for iOS has just received a minor update that adds a couple of pretty new features. The updated version allows users to quickly and smoothly edit the privacy settings of a post so that the post will only be visible to those you prefer. You can do this by tapping the small downward icon next to the post, which displays an edit privacy option. Then you can choose to have it seen only by your family members, friends or…
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Facebook Introduces a New Search Feature – Graph Search

search graph

Facebook has introduced a search feature known as Graph Search. It helps the users in discovering new people based on common likes, activities, interests and so on. At present, beta phase of Graph Search has released which is available only for the users who speak English. This search feature differs from that of your regular web search. Graph search is a makeover of the existing search feature of Facebook. It utilizes the details that people prefer to share on their Facebook…
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Angry Birds Star Wars has Arrived on Facebook

Fans of Angry Birds Star Wars! This game’s Page is available on Facebook. Now, the beta version of this game is available on Facebook, including every level of Tatooine, with the shortly coming Death Star levels. As still the Facebook game is available in beta, it appears that the Rovio has not done any official announcement about that yet, but the game is accessible. You can view the characters of crazy Star Wars, and invite your buddies to play along…
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Facebook Updates the New Version of Android App and Ditches HTML5

Facebook has reported regarding the latest Android app version is Live now. The major and likely the only alteration with this app is a shift from HTML5 to the native hybrid code. This alteration has come when the social network has taken the abiding complaints of lethargic app efficiency on Android seriously. Facebook has reported this update in the blog post. A quote from this post says, “we are announcing a rapid Facebook app Today for the people who utilize…
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Facebook Alters Privacy Settings

Facebook is releasing updates to privacy settings, altering both how simple it is for the users to update the settings, and making some alterations in how the information is given, and as well as how the user timelines come into sight in the search function. Some alterations are straightforward, including revisions that make it much simpler for the users to alter their privacy settings by not leaving newsfeed, and much contextual information providing about where their content or text will…
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Top Facebook Apps for Android

Go! Chat Download from Google Play Go! Chat seems to be Facebook’s answer to Google chat application GTalk. There are two versions available in the Android market, the Lite and Pro. Lite is the free version coming with awesome features like auto-reply, sharing of recorded messages and pictures, notifications for favorite contacts etc. There are options like to mute and ignore contact with the pro version. Friendcaster Download from Google Play Friendcaster is a third party Facebook App taking care…
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Thoroughly Improved Zite Magazine iOS app Includes Numerous Categories

Zite, which is a very popular iOS magazine app, just announced a thoroughly redesigned update which allows the users to rate the stories, link to Facebook to attain automatic subject matter suggestions, organize subscriptions, and explore and find out some article topics from more than 40,000 categories. Zite is an app which of no charge and delivers the stories to the iPad or iPhone from the web depending upon your personal interests. The more you get to utilize this app,…
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