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Jucy Bits Launches Halftone App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users

Halftone iPad App

Halftone is an amazing App launched by Jucy Bits and this App allows the users to turn their photos in unique comics and share it among their close Friends and family. With this simple photo filter App, users can easily add paper styles, insert captions, speech balloons and fonts to the photos. The final image created after adding different styles can be sent to friends through e-mail or the art can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Users can…
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Presstomatic launches scrapping App for iPad and iPad Mini users

Presstomatic, a free scrapbooking App released by Pressto Inc for iPad users. This free App allows the users to organize their own photos, videos and stories in to an individual book to showcase it to the entire world. Features of the Presstomatic includes: ¬†Users can design their own book covers Users can invite friends either to contribute or read the books created by them. Share all your created books through Facebook, Twitter and email. Create community book so that other…
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Xnet communications GmbH launches iConnect green App for iPad users

Xnet communications GmbH has launched an iConnect green App with an easy to use functionality and stylish interface that offers mobile telephony while on the move or at home or workplace. With the one touch control feature of the App, the 3D virtual meeting room brings in many communication methods and it takes few seconds to set up the conference and manage the callers with drag ‘n’ drop of contacts from the iPhone contact book. The App users can send…
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Over HD App for iPhone and iPad devices is now available at decreased price

Over HD app

Over HD App after getting updated to version 1.5 in December, 2012 has now reduced its price from $2.02 to $1.01. The App created by Potluck will allows the users to add text to their photos and share them across various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter or they can just add the image to their camera roll. Users can create more inspirational and funny images that can he shared with their friend in a quick…
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New York City Police Department Launches a new App called NYPD for iPhone and iPad devices


The police department of New York city has launched a new application that is supportive to all Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone. The App is designed with an excellent user-friendly interface along with colourful icons that depicts different crime-watching tools, insider videos and breaking news. The NYPD App will aid the private citizens to keep track of various crime-fighting activities within their block or in neighbourhood streets. It evens serves as an efficient tool for organizations with in…
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Nik Software releases latest version of Snapseed 1.5.1

Snapseed 1.5.1 App

Nik software Inc has upgraded its popular photo App, Snapseed with a version 1.5.1. The only photo App that has been downloaded by large number of iPhone and iPad users will provide you an amazing photo-editing experience. Any user on downloading the App can enhance the image or share it using the advanced features of the App. The inbuilt Google+ capabilities have made the App more powerful to share all your beautiful images with friends and family members. With this…
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Top Social Networking Apps for Ipad

IPad is the perfect device for all your social networking activities. If you want a good networking and communication experience, choose these below mentioned social networking apps for iPad. The big and wide iPad screen creates a different networking charm of its own. Facebook Social networking is about sharing updates, photos, news and videos with your friends. Facebook app for iPad is one of the best social networking apps. You can have group conversations, play games, get notifications, post your…
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