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Everything You Know About Retro Games for iphone

Are you obsessed with playing retro games? So, what is your most favorite game from your schooling days? Super Mario, aladin saga or pokemon? These vintage old school games bring back the sweet childhood memories which stick forever. Back then, to play these all, you would have to carry a bag of coins and wait for your turn to take a shot. Nowadays, every individual can play games on their smart android devices and iPhones. Science and technology have evolved…
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Top 10 iPhone Checkers Apps

Checker Apps

We’ve known chess for long. We’ve played it with friends, families and even with ourselves. Chess has become part of us, partly because it is popular and interesting to play, and partly because it is one of the oldest games of all time. It’s that simple. But, there is one popular category of games that replaces chess: the checkers. Checkers is actually one of the most entertaining games ever created, and it isn’t as complicated as chess. It is interesting…
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10+ Best iPhone Apps for School Students


Mobile phone and tablet apps have changed the way we function, operate, live and perform day to day tasks. From ordering food to booking tickets and from banking to shopping, everything can be done through the means of simple mobile apps. Be it adults, teenagers or children, everybody is using these apps these days to simplify their life. Same is true for school students as well. There are many amazing apps present on different platforms that can help students simplify…
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Top 10+ Call Recorder Apps For iPhone


Among all the numerous app stores in the world, the iTunes app store stands out from the rest in more than multiple ways. Not only is it the widest app store with the most number of apps in it but is also one of the most used and preferred platforms for downloading apps as well as purchasing them.  All iPhone users, iPad users and users of other Apple devices can access this app store and download the apps present on…
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Top TV Apps for iPhone & iPad to Stream Videos and Movies

If you are a TV lover then check out some TV apps for iPhone and iPad to stream videos, movies, movie trailers, movie stills, movie reviews, etc. and install the best app on your device. Cartoon Network If you are longing for some pleasing creepiness of high adventure available in shows line-up on Cartoon Network then you must install this app. It provides chock full of episodes on ThunderCats, Ben 10, The Looney Tunes Show and more. If you want…
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iPhone 5, The Top and Mandatory Apps for Your Slick Smartphone

  Enhance your iPhone performance by downloading top applications and make the best out of bigger screen and the latest features of Apple Smartphone. YouTube YouTube, it allows you to keep up with the latest and favorite videos. Now, the in-built feature YouTube is removed from iPhone by Apple. Luckily, Google made a fantastic stand alone app. Accessing YouTube on iPhone is smooth, quick and is the best. Now, it is very easy to keep up with your favorite videos…
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Top iPhone & iPad Apps for Teachers

Teachers can streamline their workflow and enhance their teaching style by making use of best apps available for teachers. Teacher’s Assistant Pro Teacher’s Assistant Pro, it is the perfect application for all the busy teachers as the app allows you to keep track on the student’s infractions, behaviors and achievements very easily. Incidents on the behavior and achievement of students can be effectively documented in real time and the reports are given to administrators and parents immediately through an email. Also,…
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List of 5 Tough Games for iPhone

There are many games available in the iTunes store for your iPhone. There are many casual games, puzzle games, and fun games available for iPhone. What about serious hardcore gamers who want to experience the iPhone to the core, while they are not at their gaming consoles? Here we are going to list out some tough games for you to play on your iPhone. All you need is newer versions of iPhone OS to play; as they have high definition…
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BBC Sport Introduces a Mobile App

BBC Sport App

BC sport introduced a mobile app for iPod touch and iPhone devices in UK. This app serves as a sports lover’s guide which provides live sport news, results, stats and fixtures, managed by the BBC’s sport journalists team. Features of this app: Home screen featuring the best stories across the sports world. Football tables. Football live scores, text commentaries and match stats. A page for every Tennis, Formula 1, Rugby League, Football, Golf, Cricket, Rugby Union. Share results and stories…
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