iPhone Game Apps

Top Iphone Game Apps for Kids

Mr. AahH!! Lite

With the world advancing the way it is, kids’ focus is shifting towards virtual gaming, and it’s your job to find them the best ones out there. Here are some of the best games for your little ones on the Mac App Store. Lego APP4 + Download App For children from the age 4-7, legos go virtual! This game’s about building your own truck and taking down the track to collect tons of coins and bonuses. The free game takes…
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Top Action Games for Iphone

Army of Darkness Defense

One of the most popular uses for mobiles and gadgets in spare time is playing games, and for those looking for some adrenaline rush, here are some of the most exciting and highest user-rated games for the iPhone. AirAttack HD Download App AirAttack HD is one of the fancy 3D combat games in the Mac App store which comes at a reasonable price of $0.99. There’s plenty that makes it awesome, including anti-aliasing, retina display support, orchestral music, numerous upgrades,…
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