Swing King App – a new action game for iPhone and iPad users

Swingking iPhone App

Swing King, a new action game created by Chillingo Ltd for all the iPad and iPhone users. The goal of the player is to fling the king across various levels of the game, overcome obstacles, traps to gain stars and help the king in reaching his flying unicorn. While playing game, make use of the simple controls to track the king’s trajectory and try to move out obstacles on his path. Use several power-ups like sticky grappling point and boxing…
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Top Kids Games for Ipod Touch

IPod touch is addictive as far as gaming is concerned. Children are inseparable from mobile applications when it comes to gaming. Below are some of the interesting gaming applications suitable for kids and compatible with iPod touch model. Tic Tac Toe Download Game This game application is an absolute dream for kids. It is filled with attractive sounds, is mobile friendly, and can accommodate two kids at a time. This application has also been integrated with various versions. Sky Burger…
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Top Racing Games for Ipod Touch

Now every iPod Touch owner has the ability to download and play the most thrilling racing games with the help of apps, some of which are mentioned below. These racing games use amazing graphics and sound effects to create experiences that are engaging and addictive. NITRO NATION DRAG RACING This amazing car racing game has more than fifty cars to choose from and more than fifty million players that are addicted to it. Download App REAL RACING GTI With amazing…
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Top Action Games for Ipod Touch

Blood & Glory 2

iPod Touch users who are also lovers of adventure gaming can indulge in the following action games that are on offer in the form of apps. ┬áICE AGE VILLAGE Ice Age Village is a fun filled action and adventure game that is based on the extremely popular Ice Age movie series. Download App SKETCHMAN Sketchman is an exciting game where the player has to run through hand drawn landscapes and get ahead despite a number of major obstacles that include…
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