Best Nokia Apps

Adidas miCoach is Now Available for Windows Phone 8 Users

Adidas miCoach

The prominent Adidas miCoach app has made its way to Windows Phone 8 platform, with some noteworthy new features. The app, already available on iOS and Android platforms, serves as an interactive personal fitness coach that will help you keeping fit, while providing the ability to sync with Adidas services and avail Windows Phone features. Like most fitness apps, this app enables users to set up a workout schedule, track their activity progress and review their personalized feedback. The app…
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Top 15 Apps for Nokia Lumia 920

TVCatchup App

Lumia is the most popular series by Nokia and the most famous Lumia series handset is Nokia Lumia 920. This phone works on Windows Phone 8 Operating system which is upgradeable to WP8 Amber. Lumia 920 is packed with some amazing specs such as the dual core processor, 8 MP PureView camera, Dolby sound, a 4.5 inch HD and clear black display and many more. What makes this handset even more functional and user friendly is the amazing range of…
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Top Camera and Photo Apps for Lumia Phones

Though HTC is the first one to release Windows 8 phones, Lumia phones have become more popular for Windows 8. May be because of their look and style in my opinion, they are a huge hit. Nokia has started producing some best apps for Lumia devices and below is a list of the photo apps for Lumia. Nokia is also famous for its camera quality and here is a list of camera and photo apps that you can try on…
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Top Apps for Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920, it is an innovative and award winning device with bunch of stunning features. The performance of device can be enhanced by installing best available applications. Speedtest Nokia Lumia 920 features 4G connectivity for fast mobile internet access. Speedtest, it is the best way to measure the speed of mobile and desktop internet connection. If you are on 4G data network then the results generated will provide heck of good reason to make clear with people why you…
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Top Caller ID Apps for Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry Devices

Top Caller Id Apps for Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry Devices

  You are at the right place if you are looking for Caller ID Apps? Caller ID, it is the acronym for Caller Identification and these CID apps offer special service for transmitting caller’s number on the mobile screen on all the smartphones of the called party before taking the call. This service is built in mobile phones from the beginning of mobile usage. With the advancement in trend and need from regular mobiles to smartphones, numerous apps have been…
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Foursquare Releases Its App for Nokia Asha 501 Users


The most popular social app, Foursquare has just launched for small-screen Nokia Asha 501 devices. As the device does not feature GPS abilities, this app will work using GPRS network. This app has been specially tailored for low-end devices which do not have support for GPS and work on internet network. It provides the access to all the key features of Foursquare, including the ability to check in and to manage profiles. You can add friends, view notifications and search…
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Paytm App is Now Available for Windows Phone and Nokia Asha Devices


Paytm has released an app by the same name for both Windows Phone and Nokia Asha device users. This app is already available on iOS and Android platforms, which helps users to recharge their phone and pay utility bills on the go.   The interface of the Windows Phone version is similar to the iOS version. The home panel is packed with mobile, toll card, data card recharge and DTH options. Other features that are available in other mobile versions…
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Top 25 Arcade Game Apps for Nokia

Fish 'Em Up

A number of mobile applications have hit the market and a majority of them are games. Now one can play games of their choice while on a bus, or even at home. With arcade games having an equal share of the gaming market, some of the most popular ones are described below. These arcade games can be enjoyed by any age group and a great way to keep boredom at bay. Terminator Revenge Download Free App The popular movie made…
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Top 25 Adventure Game Apps for Nokia

Harry Potter DH Part 2

Mobile applications and games today remind us only of races and jumping monkeys but little do people realize that there is a huge range of adventure games specially designed for the Nokia platform. Every day several gamers and app developers launch newer and updated versions of older games as well as some new and interesting games as well. These games capture your attention and you can spend hours playing these games. Here are a few of the most popular adventure…
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Top 25 Card Game Apps for Nokia

CSSE Patience of Cross

The cell phone has become more than a device merely used for communication. Sometimes people may be left with nothing but their cell phones and at times like these, mobile games really prove to be very useful. Card games have been a favorite for decades. It is said that card games date back to several centuries. Now you can play card games right on your phone, you do not need a pack of cards or a person to play with…
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