Samsung Game Apps

Top 20 Puzzle Game Apps for Samsung

Fifteen Puzzle 15

It is essential to keep your grey cells active and at peak performance. The best way to do so is to solve adventurous puzzle games on a daily basis. Also, these are an excellent solution to boredom while also helping you exercise your brain power to its fullest potential. Numerous Samsung apps serve this exact purpose. Here is a list of top 20 puzzle apps for Samsung: Free Mind Game   Download Free App This puzzle game will help you…
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Top 15 Casino Game Apps for Samsung

Royal Vegas Android Casino

After digitalization of casino games, casino lovers have ultimately located their favorite pastime, right away on their smartphones. Casino games date back to the time electronic gaming was invented. Traditional casino games gained immense popularity, which led to the development of modernistic casino games on smartphones. Samsung has altered its phone arena after switching to Android OS. The Korean tech releases a series of Android smartphones every year. Some casino game applications for Samsung are really interesting. If you own…
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Top 15 Card Game Apps for Samsung

9 in 1 Solitaire HD - Free Trial

This article tells you which apps are best for playing card games on the phone. No more hassles trying to arrange cards to play solitaire and other games. All you need to do is download one of these apps and you’re ready to play! Hearts card game    Download Free App A very addictive game, hearts card game lets you choose between several decks. One can also change names and avatars and change the color style of the game. It…
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Top 25 Arcade Game Apps for Samsung

YooNinja Free

Nothing can quite replicate the experience and thrill of playing games. Samsung can be credited for making playing games a wonderful experience. If you are a gamer, then these top 25 arcade game apps are bound to get you hooked on them. Vector                          Download Free App This is an action packed game that lets you run till you reach your freedom from the totalitarian world where freedom is…
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Top 25 Adventure Game Apps for Samsung

Samsung phones have redefined gaming on phones. With amazing graphics and high speed processors, Samsung makes gaming a joyful experience. Adventure games are known to engross the users by letting them live the fantasy life that they desire. Given below is a list of the top adventure game apps for Samsung. Million Dollar Adventure Download Paid App (2.72 $) Search for hidden objects, look out for clues, solve puzzles, and reveal the ancient secrets and travel all over the world…
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Top 25 Board Game Apps for Samsung

Board games have been a part of our culture and heritage since centuries. The technology has helped us to take these board games on a digital platform that can be accessed on your handheld device. They can keep us busy for hours with relentless joy and an urge to win. The following are the top board game apps. Dots and Squares         Download Free App Do you remember spending ridiculous amount of time playing this game in…
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