Best Mozilla Firefox Apps

Top 10 Bookmark Add-ons/Apps for Firefox

Often in midst of what we read and search online we do often stumble upon something quite rare and valuable that we proudly bookmark for later use or sharing with friends. To help make our task easier and more efficient Firefox offers a range of bookmarks and tab management add-on’s and extensions of which few highly popular ones have been listed. New Tab King Download Add-on The New Tab King App from Firefox is a personalized launch pad that provides…
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Top Security Add-ons/Apps for Firefox

In today’s world, there’s plenty of cyber crime  and though there’s no stopping to the criminals, you can keep yourself out of the web. Firefox browser brings to you some strong add-ons and plug-ins to let you experience safe surfing: Better Privacy Download App This add on will prevent your browser from being affected from any of the latest cookies, also called super cookies that are known to leak too much information to the industry and take up 25 times the…
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12 Top Searching Social Networking Add-Ons for Firefox

Google Translator

One can optimize his/her browsing experience with the help of add-ons, and with the right kind of social networking ones, you can make your social life a pleasure! Here’s a list of the top Firefox must-haves. Evernote Clearly View Add-on This FF add-on is great for clean, clear, distraction-free internet articles browsing. Whatever you highlight– it remembers, and pops-up while you read related data. It also allows one-click sync of saved work with PC, smartphone and tablet. SmoothWheel View Add-on…
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9 Top Essential Grossing Addons for Firefox

Webmail Ad Blocker

Amazon “Add to Wish List” Button View Add-on This is the approved Amazon Add-on that allows you to add anything you want to the “Add to Wish List” button from all kinds of websites. This crucial tool, when exploring any website page regarding a product, appears in the form of a ‘+’ symbol, thereby serving as a clever prompt that the product viewed can be added to the ‘wish list’. FoxClocks View Add-on  Time is money in today’s world and…
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Top Education Add-ons for Firefox


SweetSearch View Add-on The perfect search engine for students both inside and beyond the classroom. It uses exclusively safe and reliable websites handpicked by specialists from Dulcinea Media, creators of (or in Spanish). Among the many dependable sources include government, reference and library, all of which are very handy for research on numerous classroom topics. SweetSearch is highly useful for teachers too with its reliable complementary information. Addictive Typing Lessons View Add-on This is the perfect tool to…
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Top Firefox Addons for Music Lovers

Online Music Player View Add-on This allows direct radio streaming from but regrettably only to paid subscribers. This tool not only allows listening to all your favorite songs but also helps you to find your favorite artists and genres. The tagging option is enabled and has auto-play which opens with the last station played before shutting down Firefox. The Music Hutch Toolbar View Add-on Those with Music Hutch accounts can simply sign in and search or shuffle their favorite music and…
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Top Games Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Pickemfirst Fantasy Sports

FoxTrick Download Add-on FoxTrick is a firefox add on for the popular online football game. The extension provides additional information, a lot of shortcuts for quick access, match analysis, links for external utilities and also provides browser side alerts and notification. Free Games 2.5 Download Add-on The Free Games 2.5 add-on provides instant access to 5000 free games available at The games include the highly popular- Tetris, Pinball, Mario, ALIAS, ALIAS 2, 3d Action Cop, 3D Swat, Abstract…
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Per-Window Private Browsing Is Now Available on Firefox OS Simulator 1.0


Mozilla has been busy from last few weeks by releasing a Firefox OS simulator mobile browser and finally the formal version 1.0 was officially launched. The non profit organization has launched the Mobile operating system along with a simulator to aid the developers and people to collaborate with HTML5 powered operating system. Now users can download the Firefox OS simulator 1.0 and this latest version has several bugs fixed and its more supportive to the Linux distributions. In addition to…
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Firefox beta-release for Android with advanced features

Firefox beta-release for Android

Mozilla, a leading non-profit organization has launched 18th version of Firefox beta for both desktop and android. Several bugs in the overview beta version have been fixed and there are few known issues that may fixed in next few releases. This time Firefox has upgraded beta version of android by including features for better protection from phishing attacks and opt -in search suggestions. In desktop browsers, Mozilla has made few improvements to the exiting version of browser that includes Ionmonkey,…
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