Windows Game Apps

Top Paid Game Apps for Windows Phone


The cutting-edge Windows app technology brings you some of the best top paid game apps for Windows Phone. No matter your game taste, every category available is built from ground up to support your Windows 8 mobile phone. The Windows App store does not just have popular releases of the best mobile games. It features great and powerful publishers with proven takes to provide not just new hits but new release periodically. The primary goal is entertainment. Now that you…
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Top 10+ free Game Apps for Windows Phone


We all love mobile games. We want to play them, not just for the challenge they pose but also for the joy and the relaxation that they bring. The best thing about the best free game apps for Windows phone is one; they are always free. The worst thing about free games though is that that some are always terrible. But having taken time and waded through quite a number of free game apps, we present only free top apps…
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Top 10+ Sudoku Game Apps for Windows

Sudoku Free 4U

Sudoku is a very popular number game which is played all across the world both on paper as well as digital devices such as Mobile phones, tablets and computers. These days, accessing unlimited games of Sudoku has become much easier, thanks to the Sudoku game apps which are available across many platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. So no matter which device you own, you can always download a Sudoku game app and play the game whenever you are…
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Top 10+ Comic Game Apps for Windows

Soccer Real Cup

Who doesn’t love a good game based on a popular or favorite comic character?  Well comic games are those types of games which involve comic characters such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman and others. These games are available in many forms including board games, video games and gaming apps. Comic game apps are those kinds of apps which can be downloaded on a phone or tablet and can be played on the device. These apps are either free of cost or…
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Top Strategy and Simulation Games for Windows Phone

Top Strategy and Simulation Games for Windows Phone

Windows Phone platform is flourishing by leaps and bounds day-by-day with new gaming and other apps to go up against its rival iOS and Android platforms. With a lot of gaming apps in varied niches, Windows Phone games are definitely one to look at. Let’s have a look at the list of the top games in Strategy and Simulation category for Windows Phone. Ice Age Village An addictive game that takes you to a different world of Ice Age where…
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Top Free 5+ Gameloft Games for Windows Phone

Ice Age Village

There weren’t many apps for Windows Phone initially, but now they are making really good apps for Windows phone. Gameloft is one of the best game developers in the world. They are known for making the best games for smartphones. They made some awesome game apps for Android and iOS, but now they have started making apps for Windows Phone. UNO & Friends UNO is one of the famous card games in the world. People enjoy this game a lot…
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Top 15+ Multiplayer Apps for Windows Phone

Asphalt 7 Heat

It’s always fun to play mobile games, especially when you are bored. People usually love games like Counter Strike, as it offered something new and different that no other game did.People got to compete each other and make teams to defeat the other team. If you notice all of this was only possible on a PC, but now we have some amazing multiplayer games for Windows Phone.You can challenge your friends and family members anytime you want. Here are few…
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Microsoft Minesweeper Windows 8 Official Game App


Minesweeper is a default game available in every Microsoft Windows OS. I remember trying to play Minesweeper and couldn’t understand it’s complexity until I read this Wikipedia article on Minesweeper. It’s a single player game and you have to be very careful in every step you make. Now Windows 8 doesn’t have Minesweeper game by default. You just have to go to the Windows Store and install it. And this is an official app by Microsoft with new game features…
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Top Card Game Apps for Windows Phone 8


Whether you are young or old, everyone is interested in a good card game. Hardly anyone says no to a harmless little gamble. An interesting card game can provide a thrilling and a riveting experience. Enjoy the latest card games and the old classics that never seem to fade away on your windows mobile phone, at anytime and anywhere. This article gives you a list of top 15 card game apps for your windows Phone 8. Slot machine    Download…
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Top Action Game Apps for Windows Phone 8

The Dark Knight Rises

From a basic communication device, the cell phone is today an entertainment hub at the palm of your hands. The mobile gaming industry, which was once limited to low resolution pixels on a monochrome LCD screen is today one of the fastest growing fields in technology and entertainment. Today thousands of games are available for download for phones running on Windows Operating System. Gun Bros Download App In Gun Bros you play the role of a superhuman special agent who…
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