Windows Music Apps

Windows Media Player App

The windows media player app, the most renowned app and one of the oldest media players has been an indispensable part of our Windows PC. Windows media player app is a media player and a media player application which can play audio files, video files and also can be used for viewing images. It can be run on personal computers having Microsoft Windows as their operating system. Types of Windows Media Player App Following is the description about the three…
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Top 10+ Karaoke Apps for Windows Phone


When you’re with your friends hanging out and having some fun, karaoke is one thing that adds to all of it. No matter how many people are around it’s always fun to use the karaoke box and sing your favorite songs.   Sometimes it’s really not up to some people to go all the way to places that have the karaoke box. For this group of people, these set of apps are a perfect entertainment and utility. A karaoke box…
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Top 25 Guitar Apps for Windows Phone


The top guitar apps for Windows Phone have a variety of apps starting right from the anatomy of guitars which is quite educative, to the mastering of skills through the use of the guitar apps. There are a number of virtual guitar applications that you could carry around in your phone and also toolkits that come in handy for any kind of guitarists. A range of apps that teach you different tabs, chords and scales. With the help of these…
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Top 35 Drum Apps for Windows Phone


Playing instruments like drums is never easy. You need to be a pro to understand every bit of it. You need to be sure about the technique to hold the drum sticks and hitting the right area on the drum skin or it will sound awful. Probably these were the reasons for a person to avoid learning drums, but now you don’t have to worry about it, as you can play drum on your phone. You don’t need any sticks…
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Top 45+ Bollywood Apps for Windows

Bollywood Oscar

It’s important that you stay updated with all the information about the latest movies and music of bollywood. You might not have enough time to sit in front of your TV set and get the updates of the upcoming movies, celebrity information and gossips. With the help of these apps you can stay up to date with all the bollywood news and know the release dates. Bollywood Music You can watch any movie you like with the help of this…
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Top Music Apps for Windows Phone 8

Music Downloader

Are you a windows 8 phone owner, and a music lover? There are many apps available that let you download and listen to music. The apps come with great features; here is a list of the popular apps. Music Download App Looking for a simple, yet fully loaded musical app to assist you in converting your smartphone into a music player? Look no further; the Music app will provide you all the features that you can expect and hope from…
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7digital launches a new App for windows phone 8 users

7digital, an open digital music platform has released a windows 8 phone users and this latest version of the App replaces existing windows phone 7 App and provides users with a strong platform that comprises 22 million songs. Users on downloading this latest App can search for tracks related to their favourite artists and find out latest music tracks using the recommendation technology of 7digital.  New features of the App includes: It supports HD screens that come with new windows…
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Top Windows Apps for Lovers of Music

Music applications are extremely popular on the Windows platform. Music apps provide you with the opportunity to groove to all your favorite tracks from your Windows desktop or Windows Phone. You are bound to experience countless hours of enjoyment with these music apps for Windows. Several categories of music are available for Windows; so no matter which your favorite genre is, you can be sure that Windows has an application dedicated to that kind of music. The Windows market is…
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