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A New Game Star Wars: Assault Team Hits iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Star Wars Assault Team

The folks at LucasArts have recently launched a new title named Star Wars: Assault Team on all the 3 major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This is an interesting collectable card game, which is set in the magical ‘Star Wars’ universe. The game encourages players to build up a deck of cards featuring their beloved characters from the most popular space opera franchise, and to fight against the Galactic Empire and other players. This game’s plot is set…
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BitTorrent Sync Unleashes Windows Phone App, Updates Desktop, iOS and Android Versions

BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent offers a simplified way to share files on the web; it also provides PC users a great chance to sync up their home files on their mobile devices remotely. Recently, the company has revealed BitTorrent Sync v1.3, alongside the launch of Windows Phone app. The new Windows Phone version enables users to sync up all their files on their computer without having to connect to a third-party cloud service. Interestingly, the app will be able to automatically backup your…
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Skype Brings Support for Cross-Device Syncing, Compatible with Windows 8.1


Microsoft has unleashed an update to its Skype app for Windows, bringing it to version 2.6. The update includes enhancements to synchronization. Firstly, the update brings support for syncing calls; when users toggle from their device powered by Windows 8 to another platform, their picked-up calls as well as chat updates made on the secondary platform are recognized by the Windows 8 version also. Alternatively, you can leave your Windows 8 device running Skype app in the background without having…
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Evernote for Windows Brings A New Skitch-Like Annotation Tool


The popular note-taking service Evernote has just unleashed an update to its Windows Desktop app with a couple of notable features: First, users will now have the ability to annotate picture as well as screenshots that are featured within their notes using a smart Skitch-like annotation tool. Second, faster sync. Firstly, with the new image annotation tool, you can annotate all your desired images, photos, and screenshots seamlessly. You can annotate the ones that you have in your account, including…
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Facebook Messenger Finally Lands On Windows Phone 8

Facebook Messenger

Last week at MWC, it was revealed that Facebook Messenger is set to launch on the Windows Phone soon. And today it has finally landed on the platform! Users can download Facebook Messenger through the Windows Phone Store. Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone works just like its iOS and Android counterparts. You will be able to export images privately, send stickers through messages, have a group conversation with your buddies, and share your current location to the users you want,…
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FIFA 14 Hits Windows Phone 8 Platform


Electronic Arts has finally launched the authentic football game app FIFA 14 on Windows Phone platform. The app, already available on iOS and Android, brings real-time leagues, players as well as teams to your device where you can use touch controls in order to shoot, pass, and tackle perfect on the field in stadiums from around the globe. This game enables users to earn, purchase, and trade FIFA players in order to form their dream football team. You will be…
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MetroTube for Windows Phone Receives a Significant Update


MetroTube, the acclaimed YouTube app available on Windows Phone platform, has been revamped to version 4.1.0. The update brings few new notable features, including the main panorama upgrade. Now, it’s a breeze to browse the content with the latest ‘river’ design. Users can now quickly view what’s new on YouTube from the people they follow. Moreover, you can also access certain tabs right from the secondary tile. In addition, you can now expand long video tiles with just a click….
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Calorie Manager for Windows Phone 8 Helps You Manage Your Nutritional Intake

Calorie Manager

A new app called Calorie Manager has recently been dropped on the Windows Phone 8 platform. It’s a friendly-user and straightforward app that helps users to manage their calorie intake, set daily targets and check out the nutritional facts about what they eat. The service also collaborates with Fitbit, which lets users to transfer their nutritional intake to their Fitbit account. The app’s layout includes a main page that features complete food options, a separate goals page where users will…
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Subway Surfers World Tour Continues in Seoul

Subway Surfers

The most popular endless runner game Subway Surfers has just received a remarkable update on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. And this latest revamp continues the Subway Surfers World Tour in a new, delightful city. Enjoy playing your favorite game Subway Surfers in the South Korean capital of Seoul! Explore beautiful locations of Seoul while you are escaping from the furious Inspector and his dog in this endless adventure. This new addition provides a new look and offers you…
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A New App Down to Zero Hits Windows Phone 8

Down to Zero

Never miss birthdays, anniversaries or other important events in your life. Down to Zero is a new Windows Phone 8 app that reminds your events and makes your waiting a bit more fun. When you initially launch an app, it asks you to add a new event. You can tap the add button and then feed a name, time, and date manually or select the calendar button to add an event directly from your device’s built-in calendar. In addition, if…
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