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7 Best Screenshot Apps For Windows Phone

Take a screenshot, create a message and embrace those special memories. Whether it is something that made you laugh, a message that needs further investigation or just a piece of content from a feed on a social platform, which made you think rather hard, capturing those sessions become an important once in a while task in life. Those interesting moments will never come too often, and if they do, it would definitely be different somehow. You cannot have the same…
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To 10+ Calculator Apps for Windows Phone

Gone are the times when calculators were used for only for basic calculations. Nowadays, you can calculate your fuel economy, your mortgage payments and even your lease payments with the highly useful calculating apps for windows. These wonderful calculating apps come in a variety of natural colour themes and are meticulously designed to do things better than your original desktop calculator. Some of these amazing apps even save your calculations on which you are working and you can resume from…
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Top 7 Call Recorder Apps for Windows Phone

Call recorder apps are highly useful tool to record your phone conversations and play them back. Ever wondered what all you can do with these tiny tools? Well the list is endless. You can check how much and how often you snore with the long time and clear recording with these apps. Also you can record some important business meetings, helping you to recall all that has been discussed. Well if you are a music lover, then these apps are…
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Top 10 Video Editing Apps for Windows Phone


No matter how skilled or artistic you are in photography or movie making, raw footage needs some professional editing. So, give some special effects to your favorite video and surprise the ones you with the awesome video editing apps for windows. Trimming down your clips, adding captions or linking two videos with a transition, applying some cool effects or soundtracks are now some of things you can do with video editing apps for windows. If you are looking for a…
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Top 10 Business Apps for Windows Phone

The apps technology has made business processes easier by introducing the best business apps for Windows Phone, exactly the kind that you should not miss because they make doing business an easy as well as an enjoyable experience. With tens and even hundreds of top apps for business available on Windows platform, you can be sure that you are not going to miss exactly the tool that you need to make your business processes easy ones. The top apps in…
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Top 10+ Windows Phone Apps for Teachers


We have seen teachers walk into classrooms only with pens, syllabus books and chalks for years. The 21st Century technology has however brought quite some significant changes, bringing high-class technology into the classroom eventually making teaching as well as learning a convenient and an easy process. The applications of Windows apps for teachers at various levels of education has had a great impact in the learning processĀ  in all schools where the values of this new learning process is understood…
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10+ Best Windows Apps for Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro 3 is just one amazing device that you have always wanted to get a hold of, and now that you have it, the next question pops in, probably sooner than you ever thought. But that is expected to happen because you cannot use a Surface Pro 3 efficiently unless loaded with the right kind of application. Just how do you know what apps are going to be suitable for your Surface Pro 3? Well, to some extent, it…
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Top 10+ To Do List Apps for Windows 8

A few years ago, manual handling of ask used to be the only technology that humankind came to terms with. The change of times and seasons, innovativeness and creativity has now changed the game and now we have super technology apps, which can help one work efficiently and in the end save time. We are talking about to do list apps, which have become quite a buzz online as well as in real life among many users. A few years…
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15+ Top Apps for Windows Surface RT

windows surface rt

The First Generation of Surface RT tablets may not have been off to a great start, and the Windows App Store may still not be as varied as other app stores, but there are plenty of great apps available either free or paid for download on your surface RT that greatly enhance its functionality. Combined with the free Office RT software, and optional accessories like a keyboard, these apps can transform your surface RT tablet into a very impressive and…
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Top 10+ Travel Planning Apps for Windows Phone


Panning trips is common, especially when everyone in the family or friends circle is free and has some time to spare. It is highly likely that you will be travelling outside your hometown, and in this case, proper planning becomes necessary. In the era where technology is booming with new inventions and further improvements in the transport sector, you can never lack a branded solution that will help you plan your travel in a completely different way. There is Top…
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