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The Most-Anticipated Sequel EPOCH 2 Arrives On Android


The renowned EPOCH 2 is no-longer iOS-only game, Uppercut Games has recently launched the title on the Android platform. This cover-based shooter game is a sequel to EPOCH and shares most of its functionality. In an exciting post-apocalyptic future, supernatural robots are battling in order to decide the fate of humanity, and you are in the core of it. In this epic game, you take the control of a robot called EPOCH who’s an active kill-bot. You can control him…
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A New Game Star Wars: Assault Team Hits iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Star Wars Assault Team

The folks at LucasArts have recently launched a new title named Star Wars: Assault Team on all the 3 major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This is an interesting collectable card game, which is set in the magical ‘Star Wars’ universe. The game encourages players to build up a deck of cards featuring their beloved characters from the most popular space opera franchise, and to fight against the Galactic Empire and other players. This game’s plot is set…
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Minimalistic Platformer Trambo Hits iOS


Juha Pennnanen has unleashed a new action packed minimalistic platformer called Trambo on iOS via Apple App Store. This game features a smooth and one-of-a-kind gameplay. The game involves a hero called Trambo. He is completely developed in 8-bit visuals, which provides an elegant look and a bit retro feel. In this game, you need to control Trambo and make him to reach the portal at the end in order to get through each level. And all along your way…
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Monsters Rising Game Review

Monsters Rising

Monsters Rising from Nine Tail Studios is a new 3D action-strategy game where players need to take the control of monsters to complete missions and battle against humans and other wicked monsters. In this game, you take the control of a faction of mythological monsters from China, and begin your assault. You need to battle against the cops who are after you while gathering shards of the fallen meteorite. Unlike other similar games, you will have unique objectives for each…
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Prince of Persia Shadow and the Flame Game Review

Prince of Persia

Classic games always have a charm of their own. Prince of Persia is one among such games, which has been prominent since decades. Now, the Ubisoft has unleashed the latest version of the game called Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame for Android and iOS users. Initially, Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame was launched in the year 1993 for desktop. Now the new mobile versions feature upgraded graphics and challenges. The game continues the legend of the wanderer who…
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Top Action Games for Android

Top Action Games For android

  Action games, the most interesting and exciting games for all the mobile players. Most of the Android players enjoy playing these action games on best Android compatible devices. To play some of the games the android device must have minimum of 1 GB or more RAM to avoid interrupted gameplay. Action games have huge market as they are preferred by almost all the people who love gaming. These games are simple and have straightforward controls so that you can…
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Pacific Rim Game Review

Pacific Rim

Based on the latest science fiction movie, Pacific Rim, Reliance Games has released a game by the same name for iOS and Android users. This is an all-new action game that features exciting robots vs monster action sequences. This game is similar to the widely-known Infinity Blade game, with fights involving blocking, swiping and dodging. You take the control of a powerful robot and involved in the immerse action sequence. Your goal is to battle against the evil monsters and…
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