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Amazon launches Surprise! a Facebook powered app for sending E- cards

Amazon has now rolled out a new app for iOS and Android users and this latest app is called Surprise!  This app is a platform which allows you to send personalized E-cards to family and friends.  The app is great to send cards of special occasions and events. Amazon Surprise! Has been launched just a few days before the great festival season starts and with this app, anyone can personalize their cards by using photos, audio pieces and even video…
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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Receives Support for iPad

Amazon Cloud Drive Storage Photos

Amazon has revealed a notable revamp to its Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS. The revamp, which moves the app to version 2.0, includes support for iPad and video playback among other enhancements. The app now supports users to upload video clips of up to 2GB in size or 20 min in length. That’s indeed long enough, and still a bit longer than the YouTube which allows you to upload videos of 15 minutes. Similar to the Android version,…
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Spuul Releases an App for Kindle Fire Tablet Users


The online global streaming service for Indian television programmes and movies, Spuul has unleashed a new app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire users. The service, already available on iOS and Android, lets users to watch their favorite Indian TV programmes and films while on the go. The Kindle Fire version is in close feature parity with iOS and Android versions, which features a huge catalog of movies and television shows, and offers you different options to watch videos; like free-to-watch videos,…
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Any.Do’s Cal App Integrates with Google Maps and Waze


Any.Do’s calendar app, Cal for iOS has received a major update with welcome new features, which makes it a more proficient app. First up, the app now integrates with the Uber service, allowing you to call anytime for a cab via Uber. In addition, the app also teams up with Google maps and Waze maps. So, you can now easily know not just when you are having an appointment and with whom, but also know how to get there without…
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BBC Sport Launches a Kindle Fire Version, and Updates Its iOS and Android Apps

Samsung Galaxy S4 is popular and gains more users every day. Here, we look at some best apps to complement this mobile phone. We discuss some excellent apps for Android Samsung Galaxy S4.

Finally, the most-awaited BBC Sport app lands on Kindle Fire! This app serves as a sports guide, which lets users to keep track of all the news in the sporting world, including stats, videos and many more. Currently, the Kindle Fire version is only available to users who stay in the UK, but it will be rolling out internationally in future. This app works similar to the iOS and Android versions, allowing users to keep up-to-date with live scores, news…
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