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Top Android Apps for Graduate Students

Graduate students are in for a treat, for they have at their disposal multiple options when it comes to android applications. They can transform their devices into anything from calculators to time table managers, dictionaries and more. Let’s take a look at the top android apps for graduate students. Algebra Geometry Formulas This app is ideal for the students above the level of 12 the grade i.e. college grads, engineering grads etc. The app is a compiled representation of all…
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Top 10 Android Apps for Students

The life of a student can be tough, busy and very demanding. There are so many things a student has to keep in mind and manage each day of the year for his/her entire student life. From time-tables to schedules, to keeping in touch with friends, to completing assignments on time etc-there’s a lot to take care of. Therefore, for these purposes and many more, the Android app store has several apps which are very useful for students. These apps…
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