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Punch Quest Game Review

Punch Quest game

RocketCat Games together with Madgarden has developed the game, Punch Quest. This is an endless runner game, which includes intense combat system and focus on destroying as many evil monsters as possible unlike other runner games. This feature makes the game more of an endless puncher rather than an endless runner game. In this game, you take the control the main character who has to run endlessly through the levels punching everything from skeletons to chilli-induced hallucinations along his way…
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Toy Story: Smash It – a new game App from Disney

Disney, a leading game developer has released a 3D physics-based puzzle game for Android powered devices and the game features different characters from Toy Story Franchise. The main intent of the game is to knock down different structures and bring down the aliens to guard the evil Zurg. Players can turn around the puzzle and alter the direction to throw object at the structure to ensure that maximum damage is done. Players have to aim at winning strategic points as…
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