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15+ Best Personal Accounting Apps for Android

Home Budget Manager Lite

Keeping a tab on your finances, accounts and transactions is highly important for every person. Personal accounting can either be done using paper based methods or through a newer and more convenient method of using personal accounting apps. Personal accounting apps for Android are those types of personal finance or accounting apps that are available to Android device owners. These apps can be found on the Google Play Store and are designed to help you manage, track, organize and plan…
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Top 10+ Note Taking Apps For Android

Classic Notes Lite - Notepad

Android is a popular operating system platform which is present on most of the Smartphones available in the market and sold in the world. Android is undoubtedly a winner of the Smartphone market and is a platform which is known for the apps that it offers. Android users can log on to the Google Play Store and access thousands of thousands of apps to make their Smartphone usage much more easier, very entertaining and a lot more functional. These apps…
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Top 10+ Instant Messaging apps for Android


Instant messaging apps are those kinds of apps which make it possible for us to message someone and receive messages back instantly. With the rise in internet technology on mobile phones, many instant messaging platforms have come up on the Android app store. The following are the top instant messaging apps for Android: Facebook Messenger Facebook messenger is the official messenger app for Facebook users and lets them connect with each other in real time using their mobile devices. This…
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Sony underwater apps launched for select Xperia Phones

Sony underwater apps

Sony has come out with the launch of 6 underwater apps for certain few Xperia handsets.  These apps will be available on Xperia Z1S and Xperia Z Smartphones and they are called Goldie, Platimal, Rainy-oke, Sink Sunk, Photo Lab and Tiny Umbrella. These 6 new apps can only be downloaded by US consumers and only by those who have water resistant Xperia Z Smartphones. These apps are basically meant to showcase the water resistance capabilities in Xperia Smartphones.  They are…
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Solar Walk for Android Allows You Explore Our Solar System with Impressive Visuals

Solar Walk

The folks at Vito Technology have launched Solar Walk, the app long available on iOS, on the Play Store. This is an educational app that features a fascinating 3D model of the solar system, which takes you on a dream journey through each planet and satellite of our solar system. This app enables users to navigate between planets, roam through space and time, and view all of the planets as well as satellites in close-up. Moreover, the app helps you…
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Real Cricket 14 is Launched On Play Store

Real Cricket 14

A new game called Real Cricket 14 has recently been dropped on the Android platform. This app features an exclusive 2D art style and aims to offer an accurate simulation of the popular game. This game brings a wide variety of cricket formats, including World Cup, tournaments and 20-20. Interestingly, Premier League tournament brings an exciting player-transfer and in-game auction system. Moreover, the game delivers different gameplay mechanics with more than 25 batting shots and realistic ball physics. You can…
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Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game Hits iOS and Android

The Amazing Spider Man 2

Finally, the most-awaited game The Amazing Spider Man 2 has arrived on both iOS and Android platforms. This game is a tie-in to the upcoming Amazing Spider Man sequel. This is a wonderful open world game. Here, you play as Spidey and guide him around the city as he search and arrest thugs, going head-to-head against his foes. According to the Gameloft, this game features an authentic plot that just expands on the movie, but it is not based on…
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Notegraphy Launches An Android App


Notegraphy has released its Instagram-inspired editing app on the Play Store for Android users. This app, which was formerly available only on Web and iOS, allows users to create notes with awe-inspiring typography. Similar to the iOS and Web editions, Android version also allows users to browse and apply a wide range of unique templates, known as Styles. They are all entirely different and provide 3 color variations to deliberate over. As the Instagram, this app also displays them in…
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Photo-Sharing App Frontback is Now Available On the Play Store


The unique iOS photo-sharing app Frontback has made its way to Android. As with iOS app, Android app also allows users to capture a photo using their mobile’s rear and front-facing cameras and then share them both as a single image on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The app features a simple interface. It allows you capture a photo using the rear facing camera, after which you can capture another photo of yourself using the front-facing camera. Moreover,…
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Google Unleashes Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has finally unveiled a new mobile client named Chrome Remote Desktop on the Android platform. As the name signifies, the app enables users to remotely control their PC or Mac right from their Android mobile device. The latest Android edition is a supplement to the Chrome Remote Desktop screen sharing platform, which was formerly unleashed by the company. It basically provides the ability to share your PC’s screen with other Chrome browser/Chromebook users. Similar to the big-screen version, in…
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