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Gameloft’s New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Title Lands On iOS and Android

Captain America

As assured last month, Gameloft has unleashed its most-awaited game Captain America: The Winter Soldier on both iOS and Android platforms. This game is a tie-in to the forthcoming theoretical launch of Marvel movie by the same name. The game includes the original plot written by the Marvel Comics writer and amazing visuals inspired by the comics. In this game, you will have interesting tactical combat system that allows you play as dynamic Captain America. As the Cap, you are…
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Photowall for Chromecast Enables You to Beam Over a Collection of Photos to Your TV

Photowall for Chromecast

Google has just launched a new app called Photowall for Chromecast on both iOS and Android platforms. This is a free-to-use app, which allows users to turn their Chromecast-associated TV into a beautiful picture frame. Once you download the app, you will be able to beam over a collection of photos to your TV, which are then shown on the big screen. More than one user can send photos over to the Chromecast, and you can doodle on your desired…
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Tribune’s Newsbeat App Reads You the News that You Prefer from Online Newspapers


Tribune, the American media giant has rolled out a new app called Newsbeat for both iOS and Android users. This app lets users to audio-stream their desired text-based stories from multiple online newspapers. The app is a combination of news radio and news reader elements, with several personalization features. The includes a cool interface and looks sleek. You will be pleased by hundreds of news source and newspapers it can tap into. You can select your desired publications. You will…
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Mozilla Brings New Australis Design and Enhanced Sync to Firefox 29 Beta

Firefox 29

Following the launch of Firefox v28 a couple of days ago, Mozilla has revamped its Firefox Beta channel to the new v29 for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Notably there wasn’t much pleasing in Firefox 28, but the latest beta version serves as a prominent step for Mozilla. It includes new customization mode, modernized Firefox Sync which is now supported by Firefox Accounts, and new Australis design. Firstly, you can sync the latest browser by creating an account across all…
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Mozilla Unleashes Firefox 28 On Android and Desktop

Firefox 28

Mozilla has officially rolled out a new version of Firefox browser for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac users. Firefox 28 includes a number of features, including Web notifications on Mac, VP9 video decoding, and the support for volume controls for HTML5 video/audio. The company has added support for VP9 video decoding on desktop and Android versions. In a nutshell, VP9 is the advanced version of VP8, the two which come under an open web media project from Google which deals…
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Google Now Brings Support for Cricket with Live Updates

Google Now

Google has rolled out a significant update to its Search app for android. This latest revamp brings support for cricket and allowed ‘Ok Google’ functionality for voice search for people who speak German and French. Firstly, the revamped version of the app features live updates on your most beloved national teams’ wickets and runs. Moreover, it also brings support for checking future fixtures, though users should add their team to their settings: just click on the magic wand icon within…
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Facebook for Android Brings Support for Images in Comments


Facebook for Android has received another new update recently, which brings few photo-centric nifty features that should turn out as significant additions for the dedicated Facebook users. First up, users will now be able to comment on a post with a picture. This features has been accessible on the desktop edition since last June and on the iOS version since 5 months, and conceivably, it has become a good platform to share memes. From now, this feature is also available…
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Trivia Game QuizUp is Now Available On Android


Four months after it landed on Apple App Store, Plain Vanilla Games has officially unleashed QuizUp app on Android as well. This is an addictive and fast trivia game, which supports head-to-head multiplayer mode. The QuizUp game for Android offers the same experience as its iOS counterpart. This game allows one player to compete against another player in a battle of the brains. In this game, players will have to choose their desired topics to play, and each topic features…
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Evernote for Android Brings Support for Handwritten Notes


Sometimes there’s no other finer way to capture an idea than to jot down or delineate it. Whether an equation from your class, a graph from an important meeting, or even an inspiration while you are traveling, handwriting can be the best way to express what you are seeing or thinking. Thanks to the latest version of Evernote for Android, which brings support for ‘Handwriting’. There’s no need of a paper and a pen, you can now take out your…
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Pandora Brings Support for Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer to Android Tablet Edition


Pandora, the most popular Internet radio app on Android, has received an update with a plethora of new features and enhancements, including support for alarm clock and sleep timer on Android tablet. As aforementioned, Android tablet users can access alarm clock and sleep timer with the revamped version of the app. You will now be able to set the sleep timer time from 15/30/60 minutes, make the use of snooze feature available on the alarm clock in order to sleep…
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