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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Lands On iOS

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A great news for GTA fans! Rockstar has unleashed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the latest franchise of the successful game series on iOS. The app is downloadable for $6.99 and will also be launched on Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms soon. This is an awe-inspiring open-world game that’s set in 3 major cities: San Fierro, Las Venturas, Los Santos. The game has been completely redesigned with enhanced visuals. Moreover, the color and lightning palette has also been enhanced….
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Facebook for iOS Receives Support for Auto-Playing Videos


Facebook has just rolled out an update to its iOS app, bringing it to version 6.8. The revamp is a minor one, but it does adds a significant feature to the app: Now the videos are played automatically in your News Feed. The company has been testing this auto-playing feature since 3 months on mobile. Well, this feature has at last officially launched on the iOS version. When you scroll to a video clip on your News Feed or other…
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LIFTTT for iOS and Android Allows Users to Add Location Triggers to Their IFTTT Recipes


The team behind auto-Foursquare app Uber-Checkin has unleashed a new app called LIFTTT for iOS and Android. LIFTTT (‘L’ stands for location and IFTTT stands for ‘IF This, Then That’) is a smart service that allows users to create custom formulas called as recipes to seamlessly perform basic tasks without their assistance. This online service delights those who enjoy mixing their favorite web apps together. For instance, users can set up IFTTT to upload their device’s photos automatically to Dropbox,…
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Google Drive for iOS Gains A New Document Sorting Feature

Google Drive

Google has pushed out an update to its Drive app for iOS, bringing it to version 2.2. This latest revamp brings a couple of significant features that provide an easier way for users to edit and manage their cloud-based files. Firstly, the update introduces a new ‘Sort’ functionality to the app. You will now be able to sort your files by last modified, last edited, title or by the date when they were last opened. Just click on the Sort button…
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Twitter for iOS and Android Gets New Design and Support for Sharing Images Via DMs


Twitter has launched a major update for its official app for iOS and Android. The revamp brings a new design with improved look and feel in addition to a slew of new features. First up, the app now sports a completely new interface that includes an enhanced navigation bar with 3 different timelines, Home, Activity, and Discover. You can simply swipe between them in Timelines tab. The first one ‘Home’ is nothing new, it offers the same Twitter experience as…
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Fantastical 2 for iOS Integrates with Waze and TextExpander

Fantastical 2

Flexibits has recently launched an update to its brilliant calendar app Fantastical 2 for iOS. The revamped version brings a couple of significant new features, including support for TextExpander. The latest version 2.0.3 brings 2 pretty new features. Firstly, the app now supports TextExpander functionality. This feature allows users to automatically expand abbreviations into longer chunks of text. Moreover, the update also brings a new option to seamlessly open maps with the widely-known crowdsourced GPS app, Waze. This is indeed…
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Run As Santa Claus in Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Have more fun this holiday season with the popular endless runner game Temple Run 2! Imangi Studios has just revealed a new holiday-themed festive revamp to the game on both iOS and Android. Now the latest version allows players to run as Santa, whom you can unlock with 60 gems. If you do not have enough gems in your arsenal, you can buy them for $6.99 through in-app purchases. The app also brings amazing Santa hats for your runners, which…
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Photo Management App Cluster v1.3 Brings New Features to Its iOS Version


The smart photo management app on iOS, Cluster has just been updated to version 1.3. This latest release brings few new features that can delight dedicated Cluster users. In a nutshell, the app was launched on iOS last February and offers the best way to assemble, organize and share pictures with your buddies. The app automatically sorts your pictures based on the timing and location, and organizes them to special albums named ‘clusters’. It also allows users to create clusters manually….
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Pandora for iOS Receives an Alarm Clock Mode for Waking You Up to Your Favorite Music


Music fanatics can already drift off to sleep to the sweet music of their desired Pandora radio stations. So why not use the same to wake up, as well? Pandora has just unleashed a revamp to its iOS version with a delightful alarm clock feature that wakes you up to your best-loved tracks. As aforementioned, the recently added alarm clock feature allows users to wake up to their best-loved music. To schedule the alarm, go to menu on the upper-right…
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Microsoft Releases Socl App On iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Microsoft has just rolled out a companion app for Socl on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Prior to this launch, Socl website was the only outlet to share or post things from your device. For those who are not familiar with Socl service: Socl allows users to create, collect, and share the content right from the visual collages to short animated memes. You can aggregate the content directly on Socl in addition to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook….
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