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15 Must Have Apps for Nexus 5

BaconReader for Reddit

There are a ton of apps on the Google Play Store. But sorting through them can be much boring and difficult as well. That’s why we have done some digging and compiled a list of the very best, most must-have apps for Nexus 5 owners. Scroll down to check out the list of the best apps for Nexus 5. Download them now! Snapseed A comprehensive photo-editing app that turns any photo into an amazing snap. The app works based on…
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Top 15+ Video Call Apps for Android


Video calling apps are those kinds of applications which enable one to make video calls or do video calling or conferencing. These apps are available in plenty on Google Play store or the Android app store. The following are the top video call apps which can be downloaded on Android devices: Facebook Facebook is most preferred social networking platform on the globe and enables the users to stay connected with their loved ones through pictures, text, video calls and much…
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Top 35 mp3 Player Apps for Android

SuperLoud Trial Audio Player

Mp3 player apps are those kinds of apps which provide us with an inbuilt MP3 music player through which we can play our favorite songs and music. The Google Play Store or the Android app store has many of these apps and the following are the top mp3 player apps for Android: Poweramp Music Player This is one of the most popular and most downloaded MP3 player apps for Android users and comes with many advanced features which offer wonderful…
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Top 20+ Radio Apps for Android

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

With so many radio and FM apps available on a variety of platforms such as iOS,  Android and Windows etc., who needs to carry a radio set with them. Android app store has thousands of radio apps which give you access to many FM radio stations from around the world. The following are the top 20+ radio apps for Android: TuneIn Radio This radio app lets you have access to thousands of Radio stations from all the continents and lets…
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Top 15+ Call Recorder Apps For Android

Pocket Band Lite

Call recording is very popular nowadays. Hence, a number of call recorder apps have been introduced in the market. You may use these to store the conversation you want to hear again in the future. Police or private detectives make use of these apps for investigations. Here is a list of Top 15+ Call Recorder Apps for Android. Automatic Call Recorder Record any phone call you want and choose only those calls you want to save. You can also set…
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Top 15+ Notepad Apps for Android


Android has a variety of useful Notepad apps for the users to make notes on their Smartphone or tablets and carry them along.  This helps them to open and view their important notes whenever needed. Each app has interesting features and is different from another. Below given are the names of Top 15+ Notepad apps for Android along with their features. Evernote With this app you can note and save any task or idea that comes to your mind immediately…
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Top 20 Drawing Apps for Android

Glow Draw + Paint

Now you can draw, paint and create your image on the go with Drawing Apps designed for Androids. The apps offer dedicated set of sketching tools, which are made for accuracy and precision of drawings. You can draw a picture on your android phone while travelling. Here is a list of Top 20 Drawing Apps for Android along with their download links. Draw Something Free Take home the best drawing experience available in market for your android phone. You can…
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Top 10+ Disney Apps for Android

DuckTales Scrooge's Loot

Did you ever dream of playing your favourite Disney character? If yes, then this is what will make your dream come true. Disney has come up with cool and immensely entertaining android apps that will allow you to play games based on various Disney cartoons, films and other mediums of entertainment. Below given is a list of the Top 10+ Disney apps for Android that can be downloaded: Where’s My Water? Free You can help swampy from Disney’s character list…
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Top 15+ Video Call Apps for Android

Imo Free Video Calls and Text

Placing regular calls is over – nowadays, it’s all about video calling. If you have a smartphone, you are likely carrying a video calling device. Video chats are not just convenient – as always our smartphones are with us, we can place a video call on the go. Android store holds a slew of services that lets you place video calls. So if you are looking for the best video call apps for your Android device, you may want to…
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Top 50 Mobile Security Apps for Android

Mobile Security Performance App

Your smartphone is probably your essential digital possession that makes room for your text messages, photos, contacts, emails, and other private content. So protect your smartphones and tablets against viruses, theft, malware, and loss. Thanks to the plethora of security apps available in the Google Play Store that help you safeguard your device and the stored data. And here comes the question! Which app is worth downloading? We have taken the effort and prepared a list of top 50 mobile…
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