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Top Android Apps for Teachers

Mobile and tablet apps have made life easier, simpler and much less complicated for many individuals. Some apps help us to reduce our workload while some enhances productivity. Some are there for music, while some for photo editing and video making. In the midst of over 1 millions apps on various platforms, there are some apps which have especially been designed for those who impart education and knowledge. Many teachers or educators benefit a lot by making use of mobile…
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Top iPhone & iPad Apps for Teachers

Teachers can streamline their workflow and enhance their teaching style by making use of best apps available for teachers. Teacher’s Assistant Pro Teacher’s Assistant Pro, it is the perfect application for all the busy teachers as the app allows you to keep track on the student’s infractions, behaviors and achievements very easily. Incidents on the behavior and achievement of students can be effectively documented in real time and the reports are given to administrators and parents immediately through an email. Also,…
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