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Top 10+ Sudoku Game Apps for Windows

Sudoku Free 4U

Sudoku is a very popular number game which is played all across the world both on paper as well as digital devices such as Mobile phones, tablets and computers. These days, accessing unlimited games of Sudoku has become much easier, thanks to the Sudoku game apps which are available across many platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. So no matter which device you own, you can always download a Sudoku game app and play the game whenever you are…
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15+ Best Personal Accounting Apps for Android

Home Budget Manager Lite

Keeping a tab on your finances, accounts and transactions is highly important for every person. Personal accounting can either be done using paper based methods or through a newer and more convenient method of using personal accounting apps. Personal accounting apps for Android are those types of personal finance or accounting apps that are available to Android device owners. These apps can be found on the Google Play Store and are designed to help you manage, track, organize and plan…
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Top 10+ Running Apps for Android


The current technology scene in the world is so advanced that most tasks have been made much simpler and convenient for people. Everyday life has become much more easier because of technology and the gadgets that it offers. Almost every adult person as well as most teenagers and children have their own mobile phones and Smartphones which is proof of the technological advances. Smartphones these days are not just used for making calls or sending across messages but for infinite…
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Sony underwater apps launched for select Xperia Phones

Sony underwater apps

Sony has come out with the launch of 6 underwater apps for certain few Xperia handsets.  These apps will be available on Xperia Z1S and Xperia Z Smartphones and they are called Goldie, Platimal, Rainy-oke, Sink Sunk, Photo Lab and Tiny Umbrella. These 6 new apps can only be downloaded by US consumers and only by those who have water resistant Xperia Z Smartphones. These apps are basically meant to showcase the water resistance capabilities in Xperia Smartphones.  They are…
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Top 10+ Apps for Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Camera Beta App

Of the many handsets produced by Nokia, Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the most popular and used ones. The device runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system and is packed with decent specifications and features. Lumia 520 is a 4 inch device that is provided with an IPS LCD display offering 480×800 pixels of resolution count. A 1 GHz dual core processor powers this phone while a 5 MP camera is fitted on the rear end for a…
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Beaconic Launches An iOS App


Beaconic has released a new iOS app by the same name for its iBeacon-powered retail platform. The company had began shipping its initial retail kits to users all around the US and Europe last week. The iOS version features an easy-to-use technology that enables any retailer, right from small stores to the major department stores, to communicate significant information to shoppers via creative micro-location technology. Publicized as the upcoming brick-and-mortar retail, the smart BLE technology gets coupled with the customers’…
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Google Maps for iOS Receives a Significant Update

Google Maps

Google is steadily enhancing its Maps navigation app. In an effort to bring the Maps app for iOS up to par with its Android ally, Google has launched an update for the app, which makes the app on Apple App Store much smarter in real-time. While you are traveling and if the app finds a faster route, it will show you a pop-up alert and asks you whether you would like to follow the faster route. Basically, based on the…
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Location Finder for Windows Phone Integrates with Nokia HERE Apps

Location Finder

Location Finder, the Windows Phone navigation app, has received a major revamp. The latest version of the app brings a plethora of new features, including user interface enhancements and performance tweaks. The overhauled version brings support for the Nokia’s own HERE navigation apps as well as the Peoples Hub of Windows Phone. The app’s user interface was modernized ever so slightly to provide it a bit neater appearance. Moreover, the revamp also includes minor performance tweaks and bug fixes. Here’s…
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Facebook for iOS Allows You Choose Whose Posts You Want to See in Your News Feed


Facebook has bumped its iOS app to version 6.9 with the latest update. The revamp brings a couple of new features that should delight dedicated Facebook users. Facebook’s News Feed basically allows you view updates from your family members, friends, together with communities you’ve joined in and Pages you’ve liked. Now, the latest update of the app allows you to choose whose posts you want to view in the News Feed, thus enabling you to reduce clutter directly from your…
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Stack Exchange Releases A New Android App

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange has rolled out an Android app by the same name. This is a free-to-use app that has more than 100 question and answer communities covering a wide variety of topics, right from software programming to games and cooking. As aforementioned, Stack Exchange service consists of a vast network of more than 100 question and answer sites that covers a multiple topics. You can access all the sites through the app even without an account, but you will not…
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