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10 Best Board Games for the iPhone

Board game apps are one of the most popular types of gaming apps for any operating system. Even Apple iTunes store consists of several interesting and popular board game apps which give you the feel of actually playing a board game. The following are the 10 best board games for the iPhone. Lords of Waterdeep If you are a fan of actual board games, then this gaming app will prove to be wonderful for you. ┬áIt is a paid app,…
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Top Board Game Apps for Android

While sports have taken the world in its stride, board games have entertained people since time immemorial. They provide a unique learning experience indeed. Board games are now being made easily available as apps with the advent of technology. The top board game apps for Android are: Wordfeud FREE This multiplayer puzzle game allows you to play with 20 million people- random people or friends. Create words and place them on the 15×15 tile board with scoring as per rules….
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