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Top 10+ Barcode Scanner Apps For Android

QR Droid Private

Google Play Store, the official app store for Android device owners is a place where users of Android phones and tablets can download apps or purchase the ones that are not for free. It can be considered as a marketplace of apps where apps are listed as items and are put into various types of categories, depending on the purpose they fulfil. While some of these apps help you play games on your device, others can be used to read…
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Etsy Unleashes Sellers-Exclusive iOS App


Etsy has launched a new iOS app called Sell on Etsy. As the name implies, this app is exclusively designed for Etsy’s sellers, which allows users to manage their account seamlessly on the go. In a nutshell, sellers will be able to perform myriad tasks right on their iPhone, including things like managing orders, communicating with customers in real-time, know stats and create new listings. Here’s the complete list of app’s features: Ability to manage your Etsy shop wherever or…
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Groupon Revamps Its Breadcrumb App for iPad

BreadCrumb POS

The Chicago-based firm, Groupon launches a new version of its Breadcrumb POS app for iPad, which is aimed at helping business owners to track the preferences of their clients and to keep an eye on how their employees are working. The update brings a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that can easily identify your best customers and understands them in a better way by storing their contact info, figuring out their purchase behaviors and jot down the notes on…
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Bitium Launches an iPad App


Bitium, a service for managing web-based apps, has rolled out a new iPad app by the same name. The company first rolled out its product in the month of April, which is intended to help organizations in managing their collection of SaaS (Software as a Service) apps. The iPad version has been specially tailored for Apple’s latest OS, which allows users to access all of their web-based apps with just a click – there is no need of any passwords!…
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