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Top Android Apps for Business Management

The days when business management depended upon human labor and paper-based work are long gone. This is the time when everything is handled by a computer system, a tablet or even a Smartphone. It is true that modern technology has made life much simpler for business managers and executives. Thanks to the numerous software programs, mobile applications and tablet apps, we can now conduct businesses with much more convenience and speed. Infact, people don’t even need offices to wait for…
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Treehouse Releases Its First iPad App


The most popular tech education company, Treehouse has released its very first iPad app. This is an educational app and serves as the best way to learn technology. The app features wide range of topics to learn, including JavaScript, business management, HTML and Ruby. All these lessons follow a simple pattern; the app includes everything from professionally developed instructional videos to IDE for coding. You will watch videos related to the topic, and answer questions. If you are dealing with…
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