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DigiCal for Android Receives Modernized Widgets


DigiCal, the simple calendar app for Android, has received a cool update. The latest v1.1 of the app mainly includes a sleek fresh look and more flexible calendar widgets. Firstly, the revamp brings a complete cleaner design to all of the widget types and features few much-required pre-configured widget options that’s helpful for those who do not have enough time to fiddle with and set up their own. Moreover, the app now displays a live preview of how widgets will…
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Seamlessly Manage Your Meetings with the Latest Any.do’s Cal App for Android

Cal Google Calendar

Any.do has rolled out an update to its smart calendar app, Cal Google Calendar & Exchange for Android. The latest version of the app brings a remarkable feature that should delight the dedicated Cal app users. Firstly, the update has introduced a new feature called ‘HeadsUp’. Under the Settings menu, you will now encounter this feature, which will pull the different strands of a meeting together; this actually involves before it begins, while it is in progress, and what happens…
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Tempo’s Smart Calendar App for iOS Brings a New People Insights Feature


The brilliant calendar app Tempo has recently been revamped to version 1.2. The update brings handful of new features and improvements that should delight dedicated Tempo users. First up, the update brings a new People Insights feature. This feature is exclusively designed to provide you a total picture of those that you are meeting with, it now shows you information such as mutual LinkedIn connections, Tempo contacts, and Facebook buddies. But this People Insights feature is in beta testing. Moreover,…
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Sunrise Calendar is Now Available On iPad

Sunrise Calendar

The smart calendar app on iOS, Sunrise Calendar has got a significant revamp with full support for iPad and a couple of new features. In a nutshell, Sunrise Calendar for iPhone was launched last year. By collaborating itself with other services like Google, Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn, and iCloud, the Sunrise was able to organize all your birthdays, check ins, appointments into your calendar, getting your entire social schedule at one place. And now, with the latest update, Sunrise is available…
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Fantastical 2 for iOS Integrates with Waze and TextExpander

Fantastical 2

Flexibits has recently launched an update to its brilliant calendar app Fantastical 2 for iOS. The revamped version brings a couple of significant new features, including support for TextExpander. The latest version 2.0.3 brings 2 pretty new features. Firstly, the app now supports TextExpander functionality. This feature allows users to automatically expand abbreviations into longer chunks of text. Moreover, the update also brings a new option to seamlessly open maps with the widely-known crowdsourced GPS app, Waze. This is indeed…
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Top 10 iPhone Calendar Apps

The native Calendar app for iPhone is simple, efficient and enough for the needs of users. However, there are some people who need more from calendar app with advanced features, perfect integration with Google calendars, or better contact or task management along with their calendars. So, you can go for some viable options to organize your schedule perfectly. Cal by Any Do Cal, it is the latest and stunning calendar app developed by Any Do. You can stay on top…
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