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Frontback for iOS Receives a New Design and More


Frontback, the unique camera app on iOS, has received a new update with a modernized design and few other new additions. For those who are not familiar with the app: Frontback is a smart app that allows users to capture a snap with their device’s front and rear camera, and then blend and share them in a single photo. The app features a new design to make it in line with the visual of Apple’s latest OS. Now users will…
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Google is Bringing Support for Video Recording and Picture Sync to Its Chrome OS Camera App

Camera App

Google is now working on developing an update to its Camera app, powered by Chrome OS. The revamp adds few welcome new features in addition to support for video recording. The new version brings a completely redesigned user interface that offers you more space to the content and less for the actual app. In addition, you can still apply a series effects to your images; but instead of displaying text list of those filters and effects in the side of…
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Split Pic for iOS Receives a Complete Revamp for iOS 7

Split Pic

The smart camera app, Split Pic for iOS has got a major update, which brings a new design in line with the visual of iOS 7 and a slew of remarkable new features, including unique layouts. The major addition in the update is a new interface, which was developed based on Apple’s new operating system. Moreover, the revamp brings 3 new sections to the app; Notebook, Collaborations, and Featured. Firstly, the new Notebook section allows users to save their unfinished…
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Camera+ for iOS Receives New Effects Pack and Full-Res Burst Mode


The renowned photography app from tap tap tap, Camera+ for iOS, has been spruced up with few noteworthy features.    Few weeks ago, Camera+ app was refreshed to version 4.0 with a modernized interface and support for AirDrop, in addition to other significant enhancements. Then a day later, it was revamped to version 4.0.1 rectifying the ironic crashing bug on iOS 6 that usually occurred when using the ‘report a bug’ feature in the app. Then, after a few days,…
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A New Camera App, Landcam Hits iOS Platform


The team behind the Currency – Simple Converter app, has released a new camera app named Landcam on the iOS platform.   This app serves as a multi-functional photo app and a square image editor. It consists of plenty of fun stuff like shapes, fonts, vignette, filters and many more adjustment tools to embellish your photos. This app almost works like the Analog Camera app (created by Realmac Software), but with more features to the mix. In order to use…
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